How to Wash a Beagle: Bath Time and Shampoo Choice

General Care

The Beagle is a dog which is not too complicated to look after. Grooming must comply with the requirements for the breed.

Beagle, for example, needs periodical combing and washing, if it’s rolled in something unpleasant (quite common!). Your dog should be trained from an early age to be cleaned (washed) its feet after each walk, as well as you should trim its claws.

Cleaning eyes and ears is not their favorite procedure, but a necessary one, especially cleaning the ears. The fact is that a specific form of the ears of Beagles is a weak spot, and quite often there are inflammatory processes. That’s why you’ll need prophylaxis.

A Beagle puppy is accustomed from childhood being combed, cut nails and cleaned ears and eyes will quietly and even gladly refer to such events, and will always have healthy and elegant looks.

How Often a Beagle Needs Washing?

Veterinarians recommend washing Beagle not more than once a week and at least once every two or three weeks, preferably once in 10-14 days (this is especially true for dogs living in large cities).

Tip: do not wash your dog before the walk. Better to do it after the evening walking, before bedtime, so the dog has time to dry.

Bath Time and Shampoo Choice

Do not forget to use conditioners to restore skin pH level after washing your dog with shampoo. During bathing you should only use shampoos and cosmetics for dogs appropriate for the type of fur your dog has.

It happens that you have to wash the dog quite often, especially after long walks near the wetlands, at which a curious Beagle will not miss the opportunity to take a look first, then go and wander, then swim a little, and thnlie in the sand. Therefore, you should use designed for dogs cosmetics to wash it more often.

Attention! In any case, do not create drafts while washing dog. Close all the windows until the dog is dry, the dogs cannot tolerate drafts and can easily catch a cold.

Bathing Process

  • Do wet the fur a bit. The water should not be hot, but slightly warm or cool water, its perfect if it will be of room temperature.
  • Then generously lather it. You can use a rubber brush like a loofah, which at the same time will be combing.
  • Thoroughly rinse the fur with water. It’s better to do this a few times to make sure that the shampoo isn’t left on the dog.
  • After shampoo use conditioner or a mask for fur to restore normal pH and hydrate. Air conditioning is also needed to be carefully washed off.
  • After washing you should wipe your dog. Wiping a beagle it is not necessary to rub (it’s not your head), but softly dab the fur with a towel.
  • Recommendation: in principle, the Beagle is dry within two to three hours — faster in summer, slower in winter. If you use a hair dryer or want to make the fur dryer, keep in mind that the air can be only warm, not hot air (normal power r for drying a dog is a half kilowatt).
  • After the Beagle dries, its preferably to do good combing.

When washing a dog needs to be monitored closely to prevent water from flowing into the ears and the shampoo from getting into the eyes. It’s all about your accuracy.

Advice: if you doubt yourself, you can put into the ears oil-soaked cotton swabs and smear vaseline around the eyes .

But given that the Beagle’s ears droop preventing the ingress of water into the ears is quite simple.

The muzzle should be gently lathered so that the water does not get into the eyes. Washing away the shampoo, move the muzzle with your hand down, cover the eyes and the shower attach to the back of the head, pointing in the direction of the muzzle.

Caution! In winter time or just after walking in cold weather do not wash the paws of your dog with hot water, only with cold one. Dogs experience discomfort due to rapid temperature changes.

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