Husky Eye Problems: Various Eye Diseases and Treatment

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Dogs are very sensitive and patient animals. They will feel, hear and see everything that happens around them at any time of day. Their senses are by far the most important thing they have, and that is why people use them in military and police.

But sometimes one of the senses may cease to work properly, perhaps because of an illness or damage. One of those senses is the sight. Or the dog’s (Husky’s, in that case) eyes. Eye problems are quite often seen in Siberian Huskies, especially in the ones with blue eyes.

Pay attention! There’s still no exact proof of “Why do Siberian Huskies with blue eyes get eye diseases more, than those with brown eyes. But what makes people state this fact are the statistics. In other words, statistically speaking, blue-eyed Huskies are more susceptible to eye problems.

Various Eye Disease

There are many possible causes to eye malfunction or sickness, some of them because of a bad diet or another illness, while others occur due to old age or external damage.

The list below is by far not the full range of possible eye problems:

  • Blindness (cataract). If this illness develops in one or both of your Husky’s eyes – it won’t be able to see as clearly, as before, or may even go blind. It is an extremely serious problem.
  • Progressive Retinal Atrophy. Same as cataract, although it develops over time and can be spotted earlier.
  • Dystrophy of cornea. Occurs when unneeded liquids/substances accumulate inside the cornea. Causes blindness, although mostly leads to a strong loss of vision.
  • External damage. Rarely happens to dogs with owners or domestic Huskies because they are strongly monitored not to get into fights and such. But homeless dogs may damage their eyes while fighting with their enemies.
We advice you: to do some research on the diseases above, especially if your pet is having an eye problem of sort. For some of them, like for the cornea dystrophy, the earlier you notice it, the more chances you have to cure it.

Siberian Husky Red Eyes

Sometimes, just like humans, Huskies may appear to have red, “bloodshot” eyes. And for both humans and dogs, this is often caused by infections. For example, imagine that there’s something tiny stuck in one’s eye, let’s say, a grain of sand. You start scratching the eye with your dirty hands, and then comes the infection. Same goes for dogs, but it might happen without them even scratching their eyes.

So what should you do?

We advice you: to visit a vet. Probably they will give you some eye drops that you should use regularly.
Warning! sometimes bloodshot eyes may be caused by an allergy. In that case your doctor will tell you why exactly this happens, and how should you change the pet’s diet/what medicine you should give to the pet.

Additionally, sometimes it is okay to wait and see what happens with the dog’s eyes. You never know, they may be just fine on the next day. But if the problem exists for a long time – definitely drive to your vet clinic.


And finally, note that eye problems are an often occurrence throughout all the dog breeds, not only Huskies. It’s just the fact of “How often the problems happen”. And, unfortunately, beautiful blue Husky eyes are in danger.

Note! There are even some cases, when the dogs of that breed went blind after 5-6 years of life, which is only a half of the animal’s life.

Hence, you shouldn’t worry about bloodshot eyes too much, as they will probably go back to normal in a small period of time. There’s a bigger, sometimes unrecoverable problem – the serious eye diseases. Those require the highest attention and priority.

On that note, we want to thank you for reading, and wish you the best of luck.

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