4 Month Old Labrador Retriever: Size, Weight and How to Feed 4-Month Old Puppy

Labrador retriever 4 month old puppy


4 month old Labrador retriever is a cute, active and very curious puppy who keeps on to discover the surrounding world. A Labrador retriever of this particular age needs special and careful attention from a dog owner: well-balanced diet, moderate training and in-time vet examinations should be a must.

Size and Weight

As a rule, 4-months old Labrador puppy is rather big and heavy dog: it’s average size is 44 cm (female) and 46 cm (male) and its weight is about 24-26 kilos. On this stage, a puppy tends to grow in height, but after 1 year it is going to grow breadthways.

4 month old labrador retriever weight

Training and Behavior

In 4 months a Labrador retriever is very curious and active, so, it needs an environment to release its energy by means of play. Such a small puppy constantly claims for attention, so, a dog owner should understand, that a dog can’t be left alone more, than for 3-4 hours.

Recommendation: a dog owner should train a puppy to stay alone at home and behave well during this time. Every week an owner should leave a puppy alone at home increasing its duration from 2 to 4 hours. Leave some favorite toys or some special dainties that a puppy can nibble for a long time.

Continue to break the habit of discharging at home. Praise a puppy, when it discharges itself outdoors, and scold it for doing so at home.

Continue to teach a puppy some basic commands as “come!”, “sit!”, “stop!” and “don’t do that!” and constantly watch what your puppy is doing during walks in order to avoid some unpleasant situations.

How much to feed a 4 month old labrador retriever
Advice: remember, that you should teach your puppy some basic commands no more than for 10 minutes a day, first at home and, in a little while, outdoors (in strange environment). Always end your training in a good mood.

Health Care

Your 4-months Labrador puppy was vaccinated in 2.5 months for the first time with revaccination in 3 months. The next immunization is planned when your puppy will be 6 months’ old. So, at this point, you should carefully check your puppy’s health: protect it against ticks and fleas, monthly treat it against worms.

Be careful! If you have noticed some allergic reaction on your puppy’s skin or eyes, or your puppy do not want to eat or drink, or if its overall condition is sluggish or unhealthy – immediately visit your vet doctor. Remember, that puppies under 1 year are still have vulnerable immune system.

How to Feed 4-Month Old Labrador Puppy?

Slightly but surely, you should reduce food intake for your puppy from 5-7 to 4-3 times a day, besides, a portion of food should be larger than previously. It is necessary to make a daily diet richer in proteins (60-70% against 35-50% for 2.5 months old puppy). The main source of proteins for a puppy is read and white meat that should be fed slightly boiled: soft beef, veal, mutton, turkey meat and rabbit flesh without bones.

Warning! Do not feed a puppy with chicken or pork.

20% of an overall diet for 4-months puppy should consist of starches. The best way to get “right” starches is to feed a dog with cereals (buckwheat, rice). 20% of a daily diet should be occupied with dairy products: curds, yoghurt, cream and milk. Bone tissues of a puppy are still developing, so, calcium intake should not be reduced at any rate.

Advice: add special vitamins for puppies to a daily diet, since even the most well-balances diet is not able to provide a puppy with all necessary substances.


4 months is the age during which a dog owner should be very responsible towards a puppy since its health, immune system, as well as behavior traits, are beginning to form. Take care of your Labrador puppy since its puppyhood to make your dog sound and healthy.

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