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Today the popularity of small breeds of dogs is significantly increased, but more and more people want to get a strong dog of large size. Many are interested in big breeds and take a strong pet that can be their friend and at the same time protect their house. Everyone who was interested in a similar question thought about the strongest dog in the world.

In this topic, we will review the strongest breeds of dogs so you can decide which one of them suits your wishes.

Advantages and Disadvantages Big Breeds of Dogs

Strong dogs can have positive and negative qualities. For example, the advantages are a quite obedient and friendly character. The pet will become a great friend and protector for children. These dogs can easily train. They do not need to do a lot of exercises, as all training is carried out quickly and efficiently.

The disadvantages of such breeds can be considered that you have to spend a large amount of money on food and care for them. These dogs prefer to eat the most expensive and high-quality products. Finally, another drawback is that the pet can die much earlier, in contrast to animals of a smaller size.

How to Choose the Strongest One?

Advice: choosing a dog, first of all, you need to consider the size of the dog. It can reach sixty inches and above. Then you need to pay attention to the dog’s weight. The average weight of quite a powerful breed can weigh from 50 pounds and higher.

There is a list of the top 10 strongest dogs in the world:

  • St. Bernard dog – the strongest breed in the world. It was bred in the 17 century to save people in the past of St. Bernard.
  • Newfoundland dog – a breed of rescuers, especially in the water. Also, the breed is used to carry firewood and other heavy loads. Adult dogs weigh 70-80 kg. It is Included in the rating of the largest pets.
  • Central Asian Shepherd dog – the breed that is native to Central Asia, is used in herding, service, and security. For many centuries dogs guarded the flocks against wolves and jackals which made the breed strong.
  • Akita – one of the oldest breeds that were used for hunting. Two dogs were able to keep the bear! They also hunted wild boars and deer.
  • Leonberger – dogs which were created from breeding St. Bernards, Newfoundland, and Pyrenees dogs. All strong qualities it has inherited from ancestors. Leonberger can be used as a guard, shepherd, and lifeguard. Average height and weight – 70 cm and about 70 kg.
  • Boerboel – an African dog. They are hunters and good guards. The height is 70 cm, and the weight is 90 kg. Warning! There are some cases of attacks on people; the breed is included in the list of dangerous ones.
  • Tibetan Mastiff – a rare and well-known breed. It was a guard that helped the owners in the Himalayas. They say that the specific resonant barking of Tibetan Mastiffs is able to stop snow leopards. The height is 77 cm, and the weight is up to 80 kg.
  • German Mastiff – the service breed. It is derived from Asian fighting dogs. There were subspecies: large dogs became guards, and smaller ones hunted wild boars and bears. The parameters of this breed are outstanding: the height is about 80 cm, and the weight is about 90 kg!
  • Dogue de Bordeaux – used to be the fight dogs (they participated in the battles with the bulls!). They often guarded the butchers shop. The height of males is 68 cm, weight – is 50 kg.
  • Cane Corso – a descendant of the Roman war dogs. This breed participated in gladiator games. Dogs guarded the herd against varmints. The height is 72 cm, weight – is 50 kg.

So, we have learned a lot of amazing about dogs and what is the strongest breed of dog in the world. Now you can choose without any doubt and will be safe.

5 Photos of the Strongest Dog in the World

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Wilona Todd
Wilona Todd
2 years ago

It sounds scary to own one of the strongest dogs in the world. I will prefer a cute puppy.

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