Best Food for Husky Puppy: A Healthy Diet and Regularity

A Healthy Diet

A dog needs enough healthy and nutritious food to run around, help it’s owner and flourish, especially if that dog is it’s early puppy stages. And Siberian Huskies, being the strong and enduring dogs they are, need an even more nutritious diet.

Nonetheless – when caring for a puppy, you are forming it into a good (or bad, depending on how well you do it), strong and loyal dog in the future. Not giving enough when the puppy is young means that you lose some of that future potential.

But how exactly do you efficiently feed a Husky puppy?


Firstly, the key to a healthy diet is it’s regularity. The better you time feeding, the better your pet will digest nutritious elements in the food.

There are 2 methods of keeping your feeding regular:

  • Leave the food free for the dog to eat throughout the day. If your Husky has full access to the bowl with food, it will eat whenever it needs to. And probably this need will come at the same time every day, hence the dog will keep eating regularly every day on it’s own. The problem with this method, is the amount of food you need to fill in the said bowl. And because the puppy requires even more food, than an adult dog, you may have to refill the bowl every couple of hours. And that may be impossible for some. A solution to this would obviously be a large bowl.
  • Feed the dog yourself with your bare hands (or by refilling the bowl in set amounts of food every set amount of time). This method, on the other hand, provides full control of what your dog eats. This is incredibly useful for puppy-owners, as they may not eat, unless you give the food to them. And the negative side of the second method is the amount of control and coordination required. You can’t just leave the dog do everything for itself. It is you who dispenses the meals to the dog.
    We recommend you: the second method for puppies, and the first one for adult dogs for said reasons. Fortunately, Huskies are able to control their food intake quite well (even better than other dogs), making the first method very useful in most cases.

    How Much Food?

    Now, what about the actual size of meals you should provide to the Siberian Husky? It really depends on the dog’s age. In other words, the younger a puppy is, the more food it needs. This amount gradually decreases until 3 months of age, when the growth starts slowing down by a lot.

    Additionally, if your pet has just walked and it is tired – it will eat more. Same goes the other way around.

    We advice you: to walk the puppy as much as possible to use up all of that daily energy for something useful.

    Overall, a Husky puppy eats about 3 times a day at first (before the decrease in energy requirement). And to set the correct meal size, at first give your puppy a bit more than it may needm and see how much it leaves on the plate. Basing on your observations, adjust for next time etc.

    Food Brands

    Huskies are known for often bored of the same type of food. So it is not beneficial to stick with a single food brand/type for too long, otherwise the puppy will restrain from eating the food, or will be quite unhappy.

    So try switching some things out, adding different flavors to the food etc. Even changing a brand from time to time can be a good idea.

    Warning! Pay attention to ingedients of a brand, as some Huskies (by far not all of them) tend to be allergic to various types of food


    Anyway, some of good and often recommended brands are:

    • “Orijen”. Made pretty much completely out of meat, provides the best possible nutrition for a husky. Considered the best one by many dog owners.
    • “Taste of wild”.
    • “Wellness Core”.
    • “Innova”.

    And finally, good luck with the food choice and thank you very much for reading.

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