Labradoodle Temperament – Perfect Companions, Therapy and Guide Dogs


Labradoodles are known for their intelligence, affection and cheerful nature. Firstly, originated as hybrids of Labrador Retriever and Standard Poodle, today Labradoodles are friendly and sociable dogs with multi-generation history.

Perfect Companions, Therapy and Guide Dogs

Labradoodles are loyal and extremely friendly dogs that are always eager to please their masters. The dog is even-tempered, gentle and kind. This combination of traits makes Labradoodles outstanding service and therapy dogs, as well as ideal family companions.

Recommendation: Labradoodle will be the perfect choice for you in case you have children. This breed will be a nice partner in plays – energetic and careful at the same time.

Labradoodles seem never to get tired of human companionship: these dogs love people and are sure that everyone loves them. Labradoodle is always happy to be near with its master, that is why this breed is not for people who work long hours.

Labradoodles friendliness amazes: everyone on their way is their friends already – that is why Labradoodles are poor watch and guarding dogs. There is a little chance that your Labradoodle will shoo the stranger out of your house or yard.

Lively and Energetic

From a Labrador side, standard Labradoodles tend to be very active and energetic dogs who needs at least 2 hours of physical exercises a day. Standard Labradoodle loves long active walks and will be a nice choice for those people who have a backyard.

Medium-sized Labradoodles are less active, but nevertheless they need regular walks with some physical attention. These Labradoodles are for apartment settings and small houses.

Labradoodles are great swimmers and they have inherited this trait from their Labrador parents. Always try to satisfy their need to swim and retrieve their favorite toys from the water. Summer trips to water will be an exciting experience for your Labradoodle.

Remember, that walks with Labradoodles should be rather energetic. You can take your Labradoodle to your morning jogging, engage the dog in agility training or just play Frisbee or ball together. They love playing and interacting with people and other dogs, especially in games involving chase, fetch or hide-and-seek.

Be careful! When Labradoodles are inactive or left to their own for too long, they tend to take out their frustrations on furniture, carpet, walls or landscaping.

Possible Problems

    • As it has been said above, Labradoodles may become destructive if ignored, bored or idle (or just don’t have enough activity).
    • Like their Labrador ancestors, Labradoodles enjoy chewing whether they are bored or not.
Warning! Labradoodle’s chewing tendency may cause many problems. If this trait is too destructive in your dog you’d better to seek help of a professional dog trainer. Another option is to buy special chewing treats for your dog to keep it busy.
  • Most Labradoodles like to jump on furniture and into their owners’ laps, so, the future owners should be prepared for such a trait if this behavior is not acceptable.
  • Labradoodles are great diggers. Mind this feature if you have a backyard.
  • Labradoodles that do not receive enough affection or physical activity tend to bark excessively, which can annoy neighbors.
Advice: female dogs are known to be more trouble-free and calm comparing with males.

Labradoodles are smart, friendly, affectionate, loyal, trainable and patient breed. Labradoodle will be the best choice for your family.

Author of Silvia Brown
Written by Silvia Brown
Glad to see you, my friends! I started this blog several years ago as a hobby and continue to write articles about dogs.
I'm a dog lover and the proud owner of two wonderful dogs: French Bulldog Maya and Beagle Tom. It's been more than 10 years since I had a dogs and worked closely with them. I've raised four dogs throughout my life and have experience assisting in the births of two dogs. At least once a week, I volunteer with friends at a dog shelter AMA Animal Rescue and Animal Care Centers of NYC in NY.

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