Cocker Spaniel Pregnancy Information

Cocker spaniel pregnancy symptoms


Cocker spaniel’s pregnancy lasts about 9 weeks, but sometimes there is premature birth, or delivery can be delayed by about a week.

But there is no reason for the owner to worry, the main thing is to prepare all necessary things for a difficult birth in advance.

Cocker spaniel pregnancy calculator

If it is done correctly, everything will be alright. Proper care for the female cocker spaniel during pregnancy is very important.

The First Stage

It is not necessary to change your dog’s diet for the first four weeks, let everything remain as it was before. At this time the development of the fetus is still mild. It is important to remember that the first 3 weeks of the dog’s immunity becomes lower, and it can easily catch an infection.

Be careful! It is not necessary to feed a dog pills, especially chemicals. Dogs should not use antiparasitic medicaments in no case.

The Second Stage

Since the fourth week of pregnancy the owner should pay special attention to the cocker spaniel’s food. It should contain sufficient calcium and minerals. If in the first month the dog must get 65-70 mg of calcium per 1 kilogram of dog’s weight, then on the fourth month it is advisable to increase.

8 week pregnant cocker spaniel

On the fifth week of pregnancy you should visit and seek the advice of a veterinarian. At this time you will determine the number of fetuses. Movement of puppies begins around the eighth week of pregnancy, and then there is a complete formation of their heads.

Since the fourth and sixth week, the dog needs three meals a day. You should add meat, fish and cheese products to its diet. It is useful to add to the dog’s food bone meal and vitamin A.

Advice: it is not necessary to overfeed the female cocker spaniel, quick weight gain can complicate the labor.

The Third Stage

Three weeks before the forthcoming childbirth you should completely eliminate all mobile games. But it is not necessary to reduce the duration of walk, just do not let the dog jump and run. A pregnant spaniel gets tired quickly, often stops, does not go much, and if you see that the dog is tired, get it home.

The dog needs 4 times a day feeding from about the eighth week of pregnancy. Feed the products that will not plug up the intestines. The meat should be replaced with the boiled fish, it will not develop the toxicosis of the dog. Approximately 150 grams of fish replace 100 grams of meat.

Warning! Regularly monitor dog’s genitals. If there are some signs of infection, immediately consult the veterinarian.

Period of Parturation

You can calculate the day of labor from the day of mating your dog. When parturation is coming many dogs refuse to eat. In most cases, during this period cocker spaniel frequently licks the skin around the vulva which swells and softens.

If the birth of many puppies is expecting, often there is mucous discharge from the vulva. If the discharge is dirty brown or green color, it is a bad symptom. It means that something is not right (for example, one of the puppies is dead) and should immediately visit veterinarian. If the discharge is clear and colourless, then everything is perfectly normal.


The duration of cocker spaniel’s childbirth is several hours. It is desirable that it lays on the sofa covered with sheets. The process may require clean wipes, scissors, pipettes, and other items.

You should wash your hands and trim your nails. Caring for puppies is especially important in the first days of their lives. If you follow all recommendations, your dog and puppies will be healthy and merry.

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