Beagle and Husky Mix: Temperament and Lifespan, Health Problems and Care

Siberian Husky is one of the really popular breeds for creation of designer dogs. One of those creations is Beaski, that is a name of the crossbreed between a Siberian Husky and Beagle. When the two purebred dogs are mixed, it’s always a bit of a surprise what will the puppies look like or what’s gonna be their character.

If you’re searching for the information about Beaski you need to figure it out, knowing the characteristics of the two breeds.


Both the Husky and Beagle are really friendly dogs. Other characteristics in common include: independent, intelligent, loving and gentle. So those are the features you’ll get in the Beaski mix with a guarantee. Then, you can get the stubbornness of a Beagle or the liveliness of a Husky.

Beagles love to bark a lot, but not the Huskies, so it’s not easy to predict what will be the habit of your puppy. Beagles are very good with children, Husky is a little bit less so, but both a being perfect and friendly family dog.

Health Problems

Both dogs are healthy breeds, that have no major medical concerns. They might have some problems with eyes or distichiasis, but not more often than in general dog population. In older age it is recommended for both to have regular eye and hip medical checkup.


Both of those breeds were designed to perform certain work. Beagles are English hounds, usually taking part in the hunts for the foxes. Husky is a Northern Sled Dog, capable of long run, without much food or warmth. So, you can guess that these pets need a lot of exercise to stay healthy and happy. Every day they need to run, swim, jump and release their energy. It’s not a lap dog and not a philosopher that will calmly lay under the table.


Both do not shed too much and have dense fur. Husky has it medium length, soft, straight and thick, while Beagles coat is short and water-repellent. Both do not require any special maintenance and are not hypoallergenic.

Living Condition and Training

So, what does this all mean for a Beaski puppy? Beaski dogs are energetic and tireless. They are quite independent in mind and can spend a lot of time on their own, normally not being too demanding. They are perfect family dogs, but if the genes of Husky are prevailing, they might get unpleased with the very small children cuddling them erratically.

Many Beaski keep Beagles chasing instinct or even habit of digging, that a usual for fox-hunters. They can be good watchdogs if they inherit Beagles barking habits. For staying healthy they need plenty of fresh air exercise.

Important! Beaski needs a good obedience training class to cope with its stubbornness and independent character.

Lifespan and Heredity

Beaski is a medium-size dog with the life expectancy from 11 to 15 years and strong health. The looks of the dog can vary a lot. They might inherit Beagles hanging ears and Husky piercing blue eyes, Beagle short coat and Husky specific coloring. Hard to say for sure. But anyhow, a Beaski is a crossbreed worth adopting.

It will be a happy pet companion, bringing joy to your family for a long time.

8 Photos of the Beagle and Husky Mix: Temperament and Lifespan, Health Problems and Care

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