8 Weeks Old Shih Tzu Puppy: Tips for Training and Main Commands

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Shih-tzu dogs are small animals that have one excellent quality: they can warn the owner about the forthcoming danger. Any suspicious noise or a small rustle can provoke an immediate reaction.

But do not think that the dogs of this breed are aggressive. In fact, these dogs are friendly; they are perfect companions and can be favourite pets of the whole family.

To be in the centre of everybody’s attention is the real mission of these lovely dogs. Although they treat strangers with a rather cool interest and do not allow any familiarities with them, shih-tzu dogs are very devoted to their owner; they tend to be always together with him or her.

Shih Tzu 8 Weeks Old

Many specialists believe that the age of eight weeks is perfect for selling puppies. They think so mainly because of the very first vaccination which is usually done at this period.

However, only one vaccination does not protect the puppy from all infections and that is why you cannot yet walk it. But there are some qualities that are typical of this age and can be helpful for the future owner.

Here are some of them:

  • The puppy becomes more independent, it is already trained to do some things itself.
  • You can feed it three or four times per day instead of the frequency of five or six times when it was only six weeks.
  • In this period you can clearly see what your dog will look like at a mature age. The puppy’s head, length of the back, colour and size of the eyes – all these proportions are distinctly seen at eight weeks. But what is more important, you can get to know the character of your pet. It would be more promising to choose a puppy which behaves with a lot of dignity.
Warning! Look after your puppy when it drinks water. Considering the position of the dog’s nose, water can block its breathing, especially at the young age.


The age of eight weeks is also called the period of exaltation because the dog becomes curious and interested in everything. This period is important for basic training and upbringing of your pet as during this space of time some positive skills connected with any kind of activity is formed.

That is why you should gradually teach your dog some main commands exactly at this age.

The Main Commands

Specialists believe that dogs must know a set of essential commands. Below you can see the most important of them and learn how to train your pet properly:

  • “Come”. When you say it, you should pat your hip slightly.
  • “Stay”. Here you should stop yourself and put your dog on its feet next to you.
  • “Go out”. Take off the leash or just push slightly the dog forward.
  • “Back”. Turn your back to the puppy and go back.
  • “Stop”. Wave your finger in front of the dog’s nose.

All the commands mentioned above are very useful in the street, especially in big cities. A command must be given loudly and sharply. Do not repeat the same command more than three times. If your dog does not obey you, change the words of the command.

Advice: do not beat the dog, do not rub its nose in the ground, and do not pull by the leash. Otherwise, you would make the situation much worse.

At home you need other commands:

  • “Go outside”. Dogs learn these words very fast because when you say them, you take a leash in your hand.
  • “Place”. Your pet should know this word from its childhood. You should show its place to the dog and it will learn about it fast.
  • “No”. If the dog did something wrong, you should shake your finger at the pet’s nose and say this command. Do not shout, just say it strictly.

Shih-Tzu Puppies for You

No matter what your puppy does, remember that it is important to be fair. Be always fair to your dog, do not punish it for nothing and train it step by step and later you will have a charming and well-trained friend and companion.

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