1 Year Old German Shepherd: Weight, Training and Other Facts about Age of One Year

Appearance and Behaviour

A German shepherd is the dog that has outstanding skills for guarding. Besides, it possesses a real beauty of the hair and perfectly gets along with people and other animals.

Although many persons get scared of its frightening appearance (these dogs are very confident, they have a decisive and strict character and they are suspicious of almost everybody), their actual owners are sure that it is only because of the look of their dogs.

In fact, the behaviour of this breed is quite good and disciplined with the members of the family they live in. Let’s get to know more about these great dogs.


A German shepherd is a breed of the dogs of medium size. That is why the puppy grows for a long time. The dog becomes a mature animal only at the age of three years. Before that point, it is considered a puppy.

By the age of three years, the whole organism of a German shepherd, and especially its nervous system, is completely formed. German shepherd puppies’ development differs a lot from the puppies of any other breed because their body changes slowly and you should do your best to grow a decent and trained dog.

Weight, Training and Other Facts about Age of One Year

It is considered that the growth of German shepherds finishes at the age of ten months. So, if you look at a dog at the age of one year, you will see a dog in its full height. Although it will be yet called a puppy as the body of this dog is not fully developed.

Also in this period the process of changing hair finishes and its colour remains the same for the rest of the dog’s life.

The third fact about this age is that you can see clearly all the advantages and disadvantages of your dog. However, remember that your puppy is constantly changing till the age of three years. And if it has some weak points connected with physical training or your personal behaviour, you would be able to eliminate these defects by making some efforts.

Here are some common measures of a German shepherd at the age of a year. Compare them with your dog’s sizes and analyse its look attentively:

  • The height must be about fifty-five or sixty-five centimetres.
  • The weight in this period is from twenty-one to thirty-three kilograms.
  • The chest circumference should be about seventy-five or seventy-eight centimetres.

If your dog has any departures from the norm, maybe you should take it to the veterinarian in order to get some recommendations about the food or about the possible health problems.


Specialists say that it is necessary to feed your dog twice a day. The total amount of food and the caloric content of it depend on many factors such as the season, the physique of your dog, its heath status, the duration and intensity of your everyday walks with the dog.

Recommendation: always make special food for your pet; do not feed it by the meals you usually eat.

It is essential for you to decide whether you want to feed your puppy with dry dog food or with natural products. There is lots of different dog food in the market nowadays and you can easily buy it, so let’s dwell on some natural foodstuffs:

  • Meat. It should be anything but pork. For example, by-products are very useful for the dog’s organism. Also you can give your dog beef, chicken, veal, horse meat, etc., although the food should not be too fatty because it can cause problems with digestion.
  • Dairy products. Mainly it concerns curds that contain plenty of calcium. A dog should be given three hundred grams of curds a day.
  • Boiled eggs are also very useful. Two eggs a week is enough for a good health.
  • Vegetables as a great source of vitamins. They should be stewed for the good of your dog’s digestion.

A German Shepherd is the Best Dog

Remember that your dog can perform many functions but the principal one is to be your friend. Always care about your pet, do the recommendations mentioned above and your dog will live a long and happy life.

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Ashlesh kumar
Ashlesh kumar
5 years ago

I wish to adopt one year german Shepherd dog . What should I do ,will go ahead or quit . Please suggest soon

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