Yorkshire Terrier Training Tips


Yorkshire Terrier Training is based on the same principles as the training of all other breeds. Yorkies are known for their cheerful and perky character. They are madly in love to their masters, and therefore are willing to perform any of their request.

The experts, dog handlers say the mind and intelligence of these crumbs, so classes should not be particularly difficult.

It is possible that you need to train not all the commands, but training Yorkshire terriers by basic commands is required.

Important and necessary commands for the York will be “Don’t touch!”, “Come!” “Sit!”, “Down”. As the command “don’t touch” is prohibitive it helps to learn to understand the boundaries of permissible. With assimilated command “Come!” the dog does not run away from you, you do not have to chase after it, trying to get it back.

Advice: to teach a dog, you must first attract its attention. To attract attention, ask the dog “would you like to learn?” Walk up to it and immediately give a feast, and at intervals of 5 minutes twice, repeat the command.

The dog will understand that after the word “learning” can grab something delicious and will happily run up to you.

The Basic Rules

  • Learn to understand a dog.
  • Do not blame the dog, in the absence of mutual understanding.
  • Be patient and consistent.
  • Do not overload the dog.
  • Remember the rule: a little, but often.
  • Between exercises try to play with a dog.
  • Praise the dog for at least 30 seconds immediately after the command.
  • Give commands by confident, joyful, cheerful voice.

Mandatory Commands of General Course of Training

“Don’t touch”

It is a ban on anything – especially on picking up food from the ground.

Remember! Do not beat your pet – neither by newspaper, nor by a hand.

You’ll get everything by tone of voice and primitive equipment.


The command “Come” – one of the main commands, which helps to control the dog. However, it is not difficult to teach the command. Attach a long rope to the collar of your pet and get away from the dog to the maximum distance. As the dog interested in all sorts of smells, sharply pull rope with a confident “Come!” Pull the rope until the dog will be there for you. Put doggie in the left leg, give a treat and praise: “Good, come to me, good boy, come to me”. When the dogs will be engaged in their own affairs again, repeat. During one session, repeat this exercise no more than 5-7 times with breaks in the game.


There are two ways to achieve this command: to influence physically and using treats. The first method: put the dog on your left, take the collar by your right hand, press down on the left sacrum immediately after you gave the command. The second method: store over the head of a dog treat, setting the stage back. The dog will throw his head and it sits down, give it a treat, say friendly to sit and praise.


You can learn the command with the help of goodies. Hold the dog by the collar in the left hand, and the right hand with delicacy keep in front of the muzzle, pushing back when the doggie smell. When it reach for a treat, do not get off the ground – in the end it will fall. Now give deserved piece of the dog and hold in this position a few seconds.


In order to succeed in your classes it is very important for you to be tolerant, consistent and do not scold your. Just imagine, how can be amazing to walk down the street with a proud pace, independent York, who is not shaking and jumping on you. Good luck.

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