Jack Russell Terrier: Temperament, Average Weight and Lifespan

Picking a dog may become a serious challenge and in order to make the right choice you will have to think about all possible consequences in advance. If you think that Jack Russell Terrier is a suitable dog for you, you have to find out about some specific features of this dog.

Jack Russell Terrier has been created as a special breed 200 years ago in order to hunt fox. This type of dog may be of different colors: white, black, tan or a mixture of those. The breed is very energetic, portable (his weight is about 13-17 pounds) and can live up to 15 years.

If you decide to take Jack Russell Terrier, you should realize that this kind of dog has lots of energy. By saying “lots” it should be explained that your dog will need 30-45 minutes of active exercises every day.

You should also realize that Jack Russell Terrier likes running, jumping, chewing and digging. That is why usually this type of dog is not chosen for small flats. This breed likes space; that is why backyard will be perfect for this dog.

Also, you will have to think of a good fence if you are not planning to let your dog run away from your backyard. A good fence means that your pet should not be able to leap this fence or dig under it. Jack Russell Terrier may dig a big hole in the ground very quickly.

You should be also ready to the fact that your pet may start chasing an animal. It is possible that your dog may even climb a tree as well. As another option, Jack Russell Terrier can start barking to another dog. Do not get afraid because this is all connected with “hunting genetics” of Jack Russell Terrier. If you want to avoid this “aggression” you can train your pet.

Jack Russell Terrier is a very intelligent dog, so, you will be able to train your dog, though the process may be very funny. Furthermore, this dog is a very friendly and loyal pet, so, he/she will become the part of your family very fast. In addition, Jack Russell Terrier is very devoted to people whom he/she loves.

Advice: try to organize an entertainment for your dog.

A special entertainment means a special game, toy, etc. This may become a significant point in the relationship between you and your pet, because having no entertainment may mean that your dog will find it by himself/herself, and most probably you will not like it.

Jack Russell Terrier is a very healthy dog. Of course, there is a special list of diseases which are more likely to be found in this breed. But if you take care of your dog in a right way, feed him/her with a good dog food, breed him/her regularly, you will not have any problems.

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