German Shepherd Mastiff Mix: Lifespan, Weight, Size and Other Exterior Features


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German Shepherd

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Origin: Germany
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Origin: United Kingdom
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The main goal of dog breeding has always been a creation of a “perfect” dog for some specific purposes: guarding, hunting, military service or aid for physically challenged people.

The aim is to combine the best qualities of different breeds to create a calm friendly breed with a sustainable psychic setup that will be able to benefit a human in certain areas.

A nice example of successful breeding work is a mixture of German shepherd and mastiff. This metis inherits the most distinctive features of its parents’ character, namely, bravery, courage, and profound esteem for a human.

Life Span, Weight, Size and Other Exterior Features

An average lifespan of a German shepherd and mastiff is approximately from 10 to 13 years due to their big size. A life expectancy of a metis is going to be the same, however, this rate depends on many factors.

The approximate height at the shoulder of a metis is 60-70 cm (females are shorter).

Maximal weight is 60-80 kilos, however, all rates that are concerned with the exterior can vary, since mastiff is an extremely huge dog.

As a rule, the metis is notable for its massive body and paws, big snout and pendent ears. Color of a metis can vary from red with black spots to more light hues such as sandy or silver, but, a German shepherd color pattern is prevailing.

What concerns the length of hair, that of GSH and mastiff metis tends to be of medium length to shorter types. The coating is rather dense. The German shepherd is notable for constant or seasonal shedding, while mastiff sheds moderately.

A breed group of a German shepherds is herding, mastiff – working.

Recommendation: it is necessary for a dog owner of a metis to find out an inclination of a dog to one or another type of work. Metis can perfectly herd, but will be unable to carry cargoes as its parent mastiff. However, a metis can do its best in these two types of work.

Temperament, Training, Social Characteristics and Safety Towards Human

Since a metis has such active parents, it can tend to be protective, courageous and even aggressive.

Be careful! As both a German shepherd and a mastiff are the dogs that need special training in order to be calm and controllable by a human, a metis should also undergo some special dog education in order not to cause problems to its owner.

The serious training course should start from 1-1,5 year, an age, when a dog builds its own character. It is very important to show a metis who is the main member of a family in a friendly manner, explaining who and what should be protected.

In case of correct training, a GSH and mastiff metis will be a loyal, gentle and intelligent companion with a distinct protective character. Metis sensitivity level is moderate.

Both German Shepherd and Mastiff are highly social dogs that always tend to be near their family. A metis is good for kids, cats and usually (but not always) to other dogs. A German shepherd has high hunting drive, while the hunting drive of a mastiff is medium or low. Both breeds have a low impulse to wander (however, it doesn’t mean, that a metis should be walked over without a leash or protective muzzle in public places).

Warning! German shepherd has a really impressive statistics concerning attacks with bodily harm and maiming towards humans. That mean more careful training of a metis. Moreover, both German shepherd and mastiff are not loyal to new owners.


A metis of German shepherd and mastiff is a dog that inherited all features of its parents, including a tendency to be protective of its owner. As a rule, in case of quality training, a metis will be a loyal and intelligent companion for a human, and the best friend to kids and other members of a family.

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4 years ago

Is there a way to submit a picture to ask if you th8nk my rescue may be a German shepher/mastiff mix?

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