Husky and Pomeranian mix: Common Information and Tips for Pomsky’s Health Care


Husky and Pomeranian mix has been received recently. The exact date of their production is unknown. It is believed that the first pomsky was created by nature, such things often happen. But by the chance these beautiful creatures infatuate dog lovers.

The pomsky’s appearance is so adorable that people are willing to pay big money for this rare and decorative breed, and breeders realized that if there is a demand there is a proposal. Many breeders started hybridizing The Pomeranian and the Siberian husky. Nowadays it is not difficult to buy pomsky.

This article will describe the treats of character, training system and other features of these pretty dogs.

Treats of Character

Pomsky are friendly and cheerful dogs. You can read kindness and curiosity to everything going on in their eyes.

Advice: if you have children, then you can surely keep pomsky. The dog will quickly find a common language with them and will be a great friend that will play in active games all day long.

The pomsky never shows unreasonable aggression towards other animals, especially to its owner and other people. It has a mild temperament, but the pomsky is not fearful. These dogs can endure the loneliness and also they feel great both in a big family and in the house with only one owner.

Appearance of the Pomsky

The pomsky is a small decorative dog, but it is not a teacup puppy. Half of traits are got from the husky, and another half – from the Pomeranian. The most common hair color is gray-white with a characteristic “mask” on the muzzle, this is a classic color of huskies. But also pomsky can be black, white or gray, red, brown, there are dogs of copper color.

Fur is also got from the husky, it is very soft, dense and cannot stand on end. The undercoat is thick and short, it protects the dog from heat and cold and also keeps moisture. The top layer of hair is longer, it is a good protection from dirt and snow. The pomsky cashes its coat very rarely, 1-2 times per year.

Recommendation: during cashing the coat it is important to comb the dog every day. This will considerably reduce the amount of hair scattered around the house. Usually it can be combed 1-2 times a month.

The pomsky has a slightly curly tail. Eyes color goes from the husky, blue eyes on a cute face look adorable.


Pomsky can be trained well, also they train willingly. Pomeranians originally were intended for learning all kinds of tricks, and nowadays Pomeranians are intelligent and can show a number of commands.

The Siberian husky is also a smart breed of dog originally bred for use as sled. Pomsky are perfect for training and easy to train some commands.

Note: if you devote enough time and attention your dog will show its mental abilities and a large number of commands.

Tips for Pomsky’s Health Care

The pomsky is an energetic dog. Physical activity of each puppy depends on the size. More the dog sizes, more it need to move. On average pomsky need 1-2 hours per day to engage in physical activity. Walking is the perfect physical activity for dogs. An active lifestyle is beneficial to any dog and their owners, so there is harm if you walk more often or longer.

Advice: it is very important for dogs to run at least an hour a day. Many owners have solved this problem by using a bike.

You should drive quiet to adjust to the slow running of the dog. Running should not be included in the running during training and learning tricks.


The first generation pomsky’s parents are the husky and the pomeranian. Pomsky of the first generation are very different in size and weight, and also inherit the physiological features of one of parents’ breeds on a greater extent.

On average pomsky of first generation weigh 4-12 kilograms. Male pomsky weigh more and achieve more growth on the top of shoulders than female pomsky.

The second generation is born by breeding two first generation dogs. It is easier to anticipate color and size of puppies of the second generation. Their weight is 4-10 kg depending on the weight of parents.

Be careful! When you buy a puppy it is desirable to do a DNA test on the parental genes. This is an expensive procedure, but it will eliminate confusing accidental or malicious deception, thereby saving nerves and money of the buyer.

By the way, the price for getting these unique puppies is about 2000 dollars.


Taking everything into account, pomsky dogs are gorgeous creatures that are very friendly and intelligent. As all pets, they require the owners’ love and care. Also they will be good friends for your children.

They are rare breed characterized by unique beauty and good health. If you keep pomsky your home will be full of joy and happiness.

10 Photos of the Husky and Pomeranian mix: Common Information and Tips for Pomsky’s Health Care

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