Boxer and German Shepherd Mix: Average Size and Weight, Body Proportions and Temperament


It often happens that German Shepherd mates with the dog of the different breed. While World Canine Organization disapproves crossbreeding, it helped to create many modern dog races with unique qualities.

Today we shall talk about Boxer – German Shepherd mix and explain what to expect from such hybrid.

How do Dog Mixes Look Like?

The most intriguing part of the metis is exterior. It’s hard to predict because genes of the parents may combine in a fanciful way.


Almost all mixes have an oblong square mooze typical to German Shepherds. At the same time, they inherit Boxer cheekbones and sometimes a smooth forehead. Hybrids often have an underbite that is the lower jaw slightly juts out.

Warning! If the underbite is too large, lower calf and second teeth may grow incorrectly. To prevent it, visit the veterinarian.


Some half-breeds have stand-up shepherd ears so that they doesn’t require cropping. There are also lop-eared individuals, but their ears still resemble German Shepherd ones. They are long but thick, and veterinarians don’t recommend to crop them anyway.

Body Proportions

Both parent breeds have sturdy and long legs, but the overall body proportions of the mix dog are rather like Boxer’s. Still, they often come to a typical German Shepherd point. The tail of the hybrid can be either furry or short-hair, but it is always long and straight.

Advice: regularly cut the claws of the dog. Boxer genes make them extra durable, so they don’t grind off naturally.

Coat and Color

Most of the mixes adopt the German Shepherd color scheme, only single individuals have pure and spotted color. However, the coat of the metis is likely to be thin, smooth and shiny so that Boxer fans may be delighted in this way. The appearance total is unpredictable, so each mix dog is unique in this respect.

What are Metis Traits of Character and Temperament?

The Boxer – shepherd metis is usually a naughty, active and brave dog, which gets attached to the master but easily gets on with other family members and pets.

It matures long, thus remember that even one-and-a-half-year-old dog may is still a puppy. Nevertheless, the mix dog inherits all shepherds guarding talents and has a quick mind and a good memory.

Interesting fact: cytologists succeed in training metis as blind guides, watchdogs or bloodhounds, and it’s a good family companion.

Behavior and Training

There also some behavior issues possible. The German Shepherds and the Boxers are usually suspicious of the strangers and chase violently small animals and cats. Hybrids double parent weaknesses. Thus, you need to start training from the very age of 4 months to prevent undesirable behavior.

Recommendation: to reduce the cowardliness and aggression, make the dog acquaint with as many other dogs, animals and people as possible.


The balanced diet, exercise stress, kind treatment, and vaccination will help to eschew all possible problems. Each dog can be loved and loving — and hybrids are not an exception.

10 Photos of the Boxer and German Shepherd Mix: Average Size and Weight, Body Proportions and Temperament

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