Guard Dog Breeds – Top-10 Best


Guard dogs are the best home guards. The dogs are attentive, with a strong desire to control and protect their territory.

In this article we will review the best guard dogs and decide which of them will suit to your requirements.

Top-10 Best

There is a list of best guard breeds which characteristics will help you to get more information about them:

    • Caucasian shepherd dog. Is a popular breed of guard dogs, mostly common in countries such as Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Afghanistan and Russia. The average weight of dogs is 46-82 kg. Growth of the breed is 74-88 cm. The dog quickly adapts to different climates.
Advice: it is important to socialize these dogs to control their ferocious behavior.
    • Bullmastiffs. Are agile dogs and one of the best guard dogs in the world. Bullmastiff was bred in the 19th century to protect prey. Growth of this dog is 63-69 cm and weight is 50-59 kg. Bullmastiffs are known for their strong instinctive abilities; these dogs can easily distinguish friends from enemies. Bullmastiff is the best family guard dog which you can rely on.
    • The Dogo Argentino. Is a fierce dog which can fearlessly guards its territory. Originally this dog was used for hunting game in Argentina. Growth of this dog is around 62 cm. This dog needs appropriate training and socializing, it helps the pet to get along with other dogs.
    • German shepherd. Height of the dogs is 55-63 cm. Weight of German shepherd is 22-40 kg. Fearlessness is a trait that makes the breed one of the top 10 best guard dogs. This dog diligently protects the owner and his/her family; it is one of the best guard dogs which are suitable for families with children.
    • Doberman pinscher. Intelligence, loyalty and alertness of the breed make them good guard dogs. These dogs also show restraint. Dobermans are able to keep unwanted guests not causing them injury. Growth of these dogs ranges from 66-72 cm with a weight of 34-45 kg. Dobermans are an example of such characteristics as agility, endurance and strength. Therefore, they are one of the best guard dogs in the world.
    • Rottweiler. Is one of the oldest herding dogs. Growth of this dog – 61-68 cm and weight is about 50-59 kg. Proper training turns a dangerous Rottweiler into a reliable and responsible guard dog. The confidence and strength of the Rottweiler is its main strength.
    • Moscow watchdog. Is one of the top 10 best guard dogs, the weight of which is 45-68 kg. This dog had inherited the genes of three different breeds – Caucasian shepherd, St. Bernard and Russian spotted hound. Gentle nature of the Saint Bernard and ferocity of a German shepherd are perfectly combined in this breed.
    • Boerboel. Is included in the top 10 best guard dogs due to the strong instinct, intelligence, courage and desire to protect its territory. In order to control their ferocious behavior, it is important to socialize these dogs.
Warning! These dogs are aggressive by nature, so it is better not to let children play with them.
  • Cane Corso. Is known for its balanced character and powerful physique. This dog with a rough appearance was used as a hunting dog. The height is 30-68 cm, the weight is 40 to 50 kg. However, cane corso is difficult to get along with other dogs. The dog responds only in case of potential danger which makes it perfect and one of the 10 best guard dogs.
  • Big Schweitzer. Weighs 60 — 70 kg, the height is from 65 to 72 cm. Reaction of these dogs is very strong; the instinct to protect makes them good guard dogs.

Having read this article you will be able to choose your best guard dog.

5 Photos of the Guard Dog Breeds – Top-10 Best

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