6 Month Old Labrador Retriever: Size and Weight, Training and Behavior


6 month old Labrador retriever is a cute, active and very curious puppy who keeps on to discover the outside world. A Labrador retriever of this particular age needs special and careful attention from a dog owner: well-balanced diet, moderate training and in-time vet examinations should be a must.

Size and Weight

6 month old Labrador puppy is already a big and strong dog: it’s average size is 50-55 cm at the shoulder and it weighs about 24-26 kilos. On this stage, a puppy tends to grow in height, but after 1 year it is more likely to grow breadthways.

Training and Behavior

6-months puppy is a real teenager in its awkward age: playful and active, but stubborn, wilful and rather troublesome. A Labrador retriever of this age thinks, that he is already an adult dog (but still a playful and absent-minded puppy) who wants to upset well-established hierarchy inside his family and among other dogs. Being attentive during walks and plays is crucial now: a puppy can become a victim of adult dogs’ aggression since a puppy is too curious and bothersome for other dogs.

Be careful! 6 month Labrador is inclined to study and sniff around every “interesting” object outdoors, also, a puppy is not responsive to his master’s commands, so, a puppy of this age frequently gets lost. It is necessary to unleash a puppy in safe and enclosed areas only.

The main rule for a dog owner now is moderate training and strong discipline toward a puppy. Do not let your dog think that it is the nub of the universe; constantly shows a puppy that you are his master and want it to obey you (especially for a male dog).

Continue to perfect some basic commands as “come!”, “sit!”, “stop!” and “don’t do that!” and constantly watch what your puppy is doing during walks in order to avoid some unpleasant situations.

Recommendation: proceed socializing your puppy among other dogs and people. As a rule, puppies of this age tend to be friendly to dogs and strangers, but if your Labrador shows any signs of aggression, you’d better to consult with a dog expert.

How to Feed a 6-Months Labrador Retriever?

Now your dog should be fed 2-3 times a day, at that, one meal should be a between-meal snack. For example, you can feed your puppy like that:

  • 8 a.m. (after the first walk): meat porridge with vegetables (400-500 gr);
  • 12 a.m. (after the second short walk): a between-meal snack like curds with yoghurt (500 gr);
  • 6 p.m. (after the third long walk): meat porridge with vegetables (500-600 gr).
Warning! Labrador retrievers are prone to obesity, so, you should not overfeed your puppy. Give it meal 3 times a day in strict proportions and, if you feed a puppy with dry food, choose one for puppies prone to extra weight.

Feeding your puppy with fresh food, keep in mind, that a puppy of this age needs about 60% of meat meal, 30% of cereals and 10% of dairy products and vegetables.

Advice: even the most well-balanced diet is not able to enrich a puppy with all necessary vitamins and microelements. Choose special vitamins for puppies with a maximum content of calcium, vitamin D3 and phosphorous.

Health Care

6-months age is a high time to vaccinate your puppy against rabies and a complex of other contagious diseases.

Attention! Before this immunization, make sure you have treated a puppy against worms.

During this period an owner should be very responsible and responsive towards a puppy: well-balanced diet, frequent walks with moderate activity and in-time vet examinations are very important.

Take care of your Labrador puppy since the very beginning to make your dog sound and healthy.

10 Photos of the 6 Month Old Labrador Retriever: Size and Weight, Training and Behavior

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