Husky Skin Problems: Skin Parasites, Allergy and Bacterial Infection

It is quite a usual thing when a dog is scratching or itching. But sometimes husky can have some serious skin problems. In this case dogs may rub their nose and body what leads to wounds and hair-loss. Here you will need to identify the diseases and find the right way how to cure them.

Common reasons of husky itching and scratching:

  • skin parasites;
  • allergy;
  • bacterial infection.

Skin Parasites

The most common reason of husky and other dog’s scratching is skin parasites. These might be mites, fleas, etc.

Advice! It is always better to bring your dog to the vet. He will identify the problem and suggest the best solution.

There are different ways how husky’s parasites can be killed. Everything depends on the type of parasite. To avoid risks you will need to visit veterinary. The problem is that when you are killing skin parasites, you will need to use toxic chemicals. As far as toxins are used, each dog may have different reaction.

Ask your vet which consequences the cure may have. It is also a good idea to surf the net before you start the treatment. When you study all the information, you can also ask another professional advice as your husky may have bad reaction to the cure.

Skin parasites may be very dangerous to your dog as they can cause skin infection.

Attention! Do not try to pull parasites off with your fingers.

The point is that you may leave their head inside of the dog’s body and this may lead to infection.


Sometimes husky’s itching and scratching may be caused by different allergies. These can be food allergies, for example. They are usually accompanied by stool problems, nose irritation or sneezing. In order to identify the problem one by one exclude food units. Some huskies are allergic to poultry, table scraps, multiple ingredients, etc.

Huskies can be allergic to different plants or chemicals as well. You will also have to pay your attention to the things which are in the neighborhood.

Bacterial Infection

Bacterial infections usually begin, when your dog starts scratching or licking its wet skin and does it for a prolonged period of time. In this case it is very important to identify the problem at the beginning. Otherwise the infection may appear and spread. Furthermore, this place may hurt and start smelling.

In order to avoid infection expansion, you need to keep this part of the skin dry. Try to create all the conditions for that: cut the fur around this place and make sure your husky does not touch this place.

Black Skin Issues

Black skin disease is caused by hormonal imbalances. Here you will find your dog’s hair loss and darkened skin. Many issues show that black skin disease is not dangerous for your dog and if it doesn’t bother your pet, no medical treatment is required.

Of course, it is always a good idea to get a professional vet consultancy. This is the way how you can keep your husky’s health under control.

Most Common Infections

Many people believe that their huskies cannot stand warm weathers as they are believed to be northern dogs. So, hot weathers make husky owners shave their dogs. The problem is that shaving husky raises risk of skin diseases: parasites, infections or allergies may appear.

If you are planning to make your dog’s life comfortable, just make sure that there is a cool area for your dog during hot season.

8 Photos of the Husky Skin Problems: Skin Parasites, Allergy and Bacterial Infection

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