3 Week Old German Shepherd Puppies: Care, Food and Training


When German shepherds are born, they, as most other breeds of dogs, will always try to stay with their mother. She, in that time, will be feeding them. And, if nothing bad happens, she should be close to her puppies for the next 8 to 10 weeks, and should not be separated from them for too long.

This is due to the simple fact, that they first get all the basic knowledge of life from their mother, who would train and care for them.

3 Weeks After Birth

When the dog is 3 weeks old, it should have already advanced by a lot, compared to their birth. Not only they should already walk confidently, but the amount of information they get from their mother is increased drastically!

They should start socializing and learning the environment in all the details. They are now also more confident with who they are, what other species of animals are there, and who us, people, are as well.

They learn how to make “friends” in the world. Now, they explore everything around them, as curiously as they can! And, finally, they start developing emotional reactions to things.

Other Changes

Although new-born puppies don’t have teeth, 3 week old ones’ teeth might just start appearing. This is an important stage in the puppy’s early life. Soon, it won’t need to be fed by his mother’s breast anymore, but, on the other hand, will require more serious meals.

And, as the puppies eat much more, than adults, it will need a lot of food as well. But full-grown teeth are formed at around 4th week of development. Also, the dogs will gain around 50 grams (2 oz) of weight in one week, and their average weight would be equal 370 grams (13 oz), depending on weight (might fluctuate at around 125 grams or 5 oz +/-)


The puppies are very sensitive to the surroundings. Their development is going as fast as it can, and anything that might obstruct it is the most important enemy. Thus it is extremely important to defend your puppies from this “enemy”. Those are the things you must consider:

  • Keep the surrounding temperature well-worm, due to the fact, that pups can’t regulate body temperature as good, as the adult dogs can.
  • Their mother keeps most of the illnesses from them, and without her they risk getting sick. Not only this, but they can be very allergic to cleaning chemicals. And the utmost important thing is a good, clean environment. You must be very cautious when choosing detergents.
  • If their caring mother is not around, which you should not allow for too long, the problem of feeding is fully on you. And you should be responsible! Ask a vet about what should you give to your puppies before doing anything yourself.
  • Try to keep your puppies in all the same place, as they are socializing with each other, as stated above.

And this is everything you need to know about 3 week old puppies. Good luck, an thank You for reading!

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7 years ago

I also need answer to my question.Can ı give milk to puppys

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