Muzzle for Shih Tzu – Advantages and Disadvantages

Needless to say that muzzles are preferable and even obligatory to use when you have such a killing machine like Pitbull or German shepherd. It’s undoubtedly true that putting a muzzle on a Shih Tzu is not that necessary, but some owners do use it just in case. However, such a way to restrain your dog seems contradictory.


There many reasons for and against muzzling a dog. First and the most obvious argument for is that muzzling is a 100% effective way to prevent biting. It means that you can clip his nails, groom him or sort out hair or health problems without a risk of being bitten. Besides, Shih Tzu won’t be able to injure other dogs and, which is more important considering Shih Tzu’s fighting abilities, won’t be crippled in response. So, if you asked yourself “how to make my dog completely safe”, this is the solution. In addition, muzzle can be used to control the dog’s diet, so that he something inedible.


In general, muzzling is seen by specialists as the last resort in case of pedagogical failure. The thing is that if you train your pet properly, you are not supposed to feel need in muzzling him to prevent neither biting nor consuming inedible things. The main argument against placing a muzzle on Shih Tzu is that the dog is really too small for being really dangerous and even the most aggressive Shih Tzu cannot do serious harm. Besides, without thorough training, a muzzled dog can feel anxious and panicky. In fact, if restrained, a dog can hardly feel happy, which can aggravate any problem you’re trying to solve.

A Muzzle for Shih Tzu

Obviously, you won’t be able to strap a classic long muzzle onto a Shih Tzu with his short nose, it won’t fit. Buy a suitable muzzle, specially designed for Shih Tzu, which is little construction of wires and straps that allows free panting and drinking water. Or, instead of buying one, you can make one:

  • Take a strap of cloth (preferably gauze);
  • Wrap it around the muzzle couple of times;
  • Reach behind their ears to tie it into place;
  • (the tying must be tight enough to hold the jaws still, but loose enough to let him breathe freely);
    make a large loop on the cloth center;
  • Bring the ends under the muzzle;
  • Carry a pair of scissors in case for emergency need for cutting the muzzle up.

Muzzling Tips

  • In spite of all the convenience a muzzle has, it’s not recommended to put a muzzle on the dog in order to discourage him from exceed eating, chewing or barking;
  • Don’t muzzle a dog for too long, mind that this breed overheats quickly;
  • Don’t leave your dog unattended after putting a muzzle on him.


In sum, muzzling Shih Tzu is not necessary at all, but if you still would like to, you can buy a special muzzle, fitting his short nose, or make on by yourself. However, as an owner you’re meant to learn Shih Tzu to behave without a muzzle.

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