My Shih Tzu is Vomiting: Causes and Treatment

Shih Tzu vomiting white foam

It is no doubt that seeing how your pet is vomiting is not one of the most pleasant things. However, dogs are alive organisms and like human beings may be in situations of food poisoning or any other illness that might cause vomiting. Analyzing different situations this article is aimed to give an overview for various vomiting issues and the ways of its treatment.

Causes of Vomiting:

  • First of all it might be a food poisoning. If your dog is vomiting after eating it is vital to check the products, you gave to your pet before. The first indicators of food poisoning might be different, but the most common is sudden vomiting, muscle spasm and even bleeding from its gingiva. In such situation, you should immediately show your pet to the veterinarian. He will give you the most appropriate and safe treatment.
  • Irregular combing Shih Tzu can also cause problems such as swallowing lumps of matted fur while licking. Unlike cats dogs are not treated to clean their hair by their own and that is why they start vomiting after In addition, sometimes hairballs can get into the respiratory tract and lead to suffocation of your dog.
  • Pay attention to the color of vomit as it can also help to diagnose the illness of your pet. So, if your dog is throwing up yellow or white foam interlaced it is most common that it is stomach bile. Yellow is the most common color, but sometimes it might have a green tint with salt and mucus. It may occur due to the emptiness in stomach. Try to give something light to your dog and pay attention to the food regime. However, the rare percentage of such a situation may occur due to the stomach illnesses such as gastritis for example.
Note! Do not add extra food, it is better to add more time in the feeding schedule. For instance, if you are used to feed Shih Tzu three times per day, change the schedule by adding two extra lunch time with a light food or snacks. It will prevent the pet from hunger and vomiting a bile.
  • Violent vomiting is a signal to go to the closest animal hospital immediately. It may occur due to the serious illnesses such as diarrhea (may be with blood) or worms. Such illnesses requires an appropriate medical care and hospitalization.


Vomiting is a frequent phenomenon for dogs that may occur due to various reasons. Fortunately, the disease is not always a bad signal about the danger, however, vomiting phenomenon is unpleasant and disturbing, so it is better to consult to a specialist. Remember, that vomiting is a protective reaction of the body that tends to clean up the digestive tract from toxic, poisonous and inedible substances.

Shih Tzu vomiting yellow foam

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Shih Tzu vomiting white foamShih Tzu vomiting mucusMy Shih Tzu puppy vomitingMy Shih Tzu is vomiting yellow bileMy Shih Tzu is vomitingShih Tzu vomiting yellowShih Tzu vomiting foodShih Tzu vomiting yellow foam

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