Interesting Facts about Siberian Huskies: General Knowledge and Some Training Tips for Owners

Interesting facts about the Siberian Husky


They say, every breed has its purpose. So, the Siberian Husky was bred a long time ago in northeastern Asia in order to help people to live in harsh conditions: dogs must have pulled heavy sleds across snowbound areas in chilly and windy conditions. As its ancestors were strong and hardy, modern Huskies are the same.

However, not only Chukchi Eskimos want to be the owners of these beautiful and physically strong dogs. Nowadays many people are interested in taking Huskies home as new family members.

Siberian Husky facts and pictures

But what do we need to know before bringing a Husky puppy home?

Facts about the Siberian Husky

  • Sibe (so called Siberian Husky) has a unique temperament and a constant need for a physical and mental stimulation.
  • Huskies have a wolf-like appearance: they are medium size dogs with muscular and well proportioned body. They have double coat (a soft undercoat with tough topcoat) and beautiful almond-shaped eyes.
  • Siberian Huskies usually do not bark, they howl like wolves. Their howl can be heard up to ten miles away.
  • They are not guard dogs: Huskies can inform their owners about strangers coming, as they are very suspicious to them, but they will not “act” as watchdogs could do.
  • Sibes are very intelligent, affectionate, obedient and active. This last feature can cause many problems if the dog stays indoors for a long time. They need constant training and really long walks.
Advice: if the dog is active enough, it will be calm at come, so no damage will follow.

Can You Train Husky as Much as it Wants?

  • Huskies are energetic and loveful, that’s why they have more reasons to be as active as possible. Besides the reason to please their owners, they always need being active as they are eager to play, run and train all the time.
  • Basing on the fact that Huskies “are born to run”, it is not difficult to assume that if the owner cannot give enough training, the dog becomes uncontrollable.
  • Be careful! It can easily escape from your yard if the fence is not tall enough or the gate is left open. You have to watch them closely in order to prevent their escape.
    Warning! Husky can run up to 50 mph.
  • It is difficult to train them as we usually do with other dogs: Huskies is a breed that is very difficult to control, as they are independent and extremely energetic. You will never find this dog, sitting in one place quietly and doing all usual command.

General Knowledge

  • Huskies are very healthy dogs: the only problems that can occur are genetic. They are ectopy (so called an abnormality of the urethra), hip dysplasia, zinc responsive dermatitis and eye problems. Knowledgeable dog owners can avoid these problems if check Huskies’ lineage and takes the dog to the doctor once a year to make a checkup.
  • Recommendation: always keep all vaccinations updated.
  • Siberian Huskies often have blue eyes and it does not depend on their genes. Moreover, sometimes you can see some unique creatures with heterochromia (when a dog has two differently colored eyes).
  • Huskies easily find friends: they can work in group and be very friendly to children. However, they will never become calm domestic pets watching your kids playing.


Being a one from the oldest existing dog breed, Siberian Huskies are unique and great. They are endlessly loyal and devout, loving and affectionate, obedient and life-loving.

They can leave wherever you want: Huskies will feel comfortable either living in frosty conditions and sleeping in the snow or dwelling in your apartment. However, do not forget: they need lots of attention and love in return.

facts on Siberian Huskies

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