How Can I Potty Train Jack Russell Terrier: How Long, Timing and Problems


Having a dog is connected with the range of difficulties and training your Jack Russell Terrier to potty may become one of them. As far as Jack Russell Terriers are very intelligent dogs, teaching process will not take too many efforts, you will just need some time and patience.

Of course, it is much easier to train your pet when he/she is just a puppy; but even if you have a grown-up dog, basic rules will be suitable for you as well.


Before you start training your dog, you have to realize that you need to have a special schedule for “potty times”. This means that if you wake up at six in the morning and your pet is having “a break” several minutes after, you have to wake up at the same time every day (even in the weekend).

Get ready to the fact that your Jack Russell Terrier might want to have “a break” late at night, just be patient and keep training. It will be also a good idea to organize “potty time” after meal, sleep or walk.

Advice: try to learn your Jack Russell Terrier’s body language which may signalize you that your pet needs “to go out”.


Usually Jack Russell Terriers signalize that they want to have “a break” with their voice, tail or “pee position”. When you see these signals, just take your pet out or place the dog to a special dog potty. It is really important to remember that Jack Russell Terriers prefer having “a break” in the same place. So, if you choose a specific one, your pet will understand that and learn very quickly.


It is also very important to remember that Jack Russell Terriers like communication and if you praise your dog, he/she will remember it. The same thing is about punishing. Jack Russell Terriers do not stop peeing if you punish them; that is why if you say “no” and quickly take the dog out (or place to the potty), that will be more effective.


If you are planning to leave your dog in the house for a while, special dog crate will be a perfect choice for you. As it was mentioned, Jack Russell Terriers like peeing in the same place, so, establishing a specific one can be a perfect option for you.

If your pet still pees in the wrong place, you should immediately clean that place with a special cleaner which can remove the smell of dog’s urine. If your Jack Russell Terrier smells old urine, he/she can decide that this is a suitable place for a regular toilet. In order to avoid this problem, try to buy a good cleaner.


You should realize that training your Jack Russell Terrier may need a lot of time and patience. Just remember that dogs are individuals and they sometimes can be stubborn. Just be consistent and systematic and your pet will learn everything after a while.

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