Siberian Husky Cancer: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

Comparing to many other breeds, Siberian Husky is generally a healthy and strong animal. It is not considered specifically prone to developing cancer, except, maybe some risk of bone cancer in old age.

But the truth is that almost 50% of all the dogs do get cancer during their lives. Usually in older age, but there’s no rule. And almost 30% of Siberian Husky eventually die of some form of lymphoma.

Cancer symptoms

The cancer can come to the dogs in plenty different forms, just as it comes to humans. The Husky can develop bone, liver, skin, lung, breast or any other type of malignant tumors. While at some developed stages cancer might mean death, it can be treated if noticed on the early stages.

Here’re some of the most common symptoms:

  • Sores that never heal;
  • Absence of appetite, weight loss;
  • Swelling that keeps growing;
  • Persistent bad smell;
  • Loss of stamina;
  • Bleeding;
  • Involuntarily discharge;
  • Change of voice;
  • Lameness without obvious reason;
  • Difficulty eating, urinating or breathing.


There’s still no proper knowledge about what causes the cancer in humans or animals. The research reveals new possible dangers every year. For example, there’s a correlation between the dogs developing cancer and the lush chemically treated lawn in the front yard.

But it doesn’t mean that nothing can be done at all for the prevention. Here are some suggestions for you:

  • Neutering or spaying the dog naturally eliminates the ovarian cancer chances and reduces the possibilities of the mammary tumor. The veterinaries recommend to do the surgery before the dogs first heat cycle.
  • Feed your dog with natural fresh food or, if you buy manufactured one, make sure it comes from the country that has all the necessary regulations that prevent carcinogens getting into canine food. For example, there’s not much of the quality control on Chinese factories.
  • Be careful with any kind of chemicals your dog is exposed to, starting from the shampoo and finishing with the lawn maintenance products.
  • Make regular medical checkups and bloodwork.
  • Regularly check yourself the dog for the unusual lumps.
Important! Just like humans, dogs suffer from inhaling the second-hand cigarette smoke, so keep your dog away while smoking and your Husky will have lower probability of lungs cancer.


It is very important to have at least an annual medical examination for your dog. In fact, if you see any of the symptoms listed above in your dog there is a high chance that the disease is already quite developed. So, if your dog is getting older, check it strongly for cancer while it still looks healthy – like this you have the best chances to save it with the chemo treatment and surgery.

Cancer is one of the scariest words for generations. But stop thinking that once your dog was diagnosed you have to give up and think only of euthanasia. If you go to the dog owners’ forums you will find plenty of stories of Husky that were successfully treated and stayed happily in the family for years after operation, living full life. So, please, if you have any suspicion that your dog is ill – start treatment today, and have the best of luck!

7 Photos of the Siberian Husky Cancer: Symptoms, Prevention and Treatment

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