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Teacup dogs are becoming more and more popular among those, who prefer toy breeds and even smaller ones. Teacup breeds are miniature enough to fit a standard teacup (and this is not a joke), are very cute and, of course, portable.

In this article we are going to tell you about the most popular teacup dog breeds.

Actually, what is a Teacup Dog?

There are many opinions on this issue, i.e. do these dogs really exist? Some dog experts say, that teacup dog breeds – just an outcome of ‘tailor-made’ inbreeding and these dogs have fragile bones and defective immune system.

The other people say, on the contrary, that teacup dog breeds is just an ‘innocent’ mutation in a litter and these dogs differ from their full-grown brothers only in size. However, it is up to you to decide whether to buy a teacup dog or just a toy breed.

Be careful! Before purchasing a teacup dog, you should carefully study the information about breeders. Never buy a dog without documents and without looking at its parents.

The Most Popular Teacup Dog Breeds and their Traits

    • Teacup Boston Terrier. Teacup Boston Terrier is known to be the healthiest and long-lived dog among other teacup breeds. Besides, this dog is strong and really durable. Teacup Boston Terrier is smart, but may be stubborn at times; they are easy to train, so you can make a dog you want from it. These dogs are playful and cheerful, but have a tendency to bark at anything they see.
Recommendation: Teacup Boston Terrier may think that it is bigger than it really is. This may lead to unpleasant dog fights. If your Boston Terrier has this trait, you’d better to train your dog under the supervision of professional to eliminate this so called ‘Napoleon’ complex.
    • Teacup Maltese. The weight of a Teacup Maltese doesn’t reach even 4 kilos, so it is a really tiny dog breed. This dog is prone to many health problems because of its small size, also, its average life expectancy will be a couple of years less that of a ‘normal’ toy dog. On the whole, teacup Maltese is a playful, lively and trainable dog who is always try to please its master. Teacup Maltese will follow you wherever you go and will always demand a huge portion of attention.
Warning! This dog may bark too lot (if not trained properly) and need good in-time socialization.
    • Teacup Pomeranian. Teacup Pomeranian is very small and light dog that can fit your pocket, i.e. it is naturally bred teacup breed. This dog should be trained at an early age since Pomeranian may develop bad habits (may be aggressive or bark a lot). Also, teacup Pomeranian needs careful grooming and may have some health problems.
    • Teacup Chihuahua. Chihuahua is already a toy breed, but there has been created a teacup ‘version’. This dog is very playful and funny, but may be aggressive towards strangers and other pets if not trained properly.
Advice: you’d better to choose another teacup breed if you have small children (as it has been said above, Chihuahua may be rather aggressive).
  • Teacup Yorkies. Yorkies are reliable watchdogs who may tend to excessive barking trait. These dogs are not very friendly towards strangers. These dogs are not very nice with children.
  • Teacup Poodles. Teacup Poodles are very smart and trainable dogs who easy learn new tricks and commands. They don’t tend to bark too much and are very friendly to other pets and people. Teacup Poodle has a silky coat that will need special grooming on the regular basis.


We hope, that this article will help you to choose the ‘right’ teacup dog breed for you and your family.

Remember! Every dog, even the tiniest one, needs a lot of attention and care.

Author of 1001doggy.com Silvia Brown
Written by Silvia Brown
Glad to see you, my friends! I started this blog several years ago as a hobby and continue to write articles about dogs.
I'm a dog lover and the proud owner of two wonderful dogs: French Bulldog Maya and Beagle Tom. It's been more than 10 years since I had a dogs and worked closely with them. I've raised four dogs throughout my life and have experience assisting in the births of two dogs. At least once a week, I volunteer with friends at a dog shelter AMA Animal Rescue and Animal Care Centers of NYC in NY.

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