Cocker Spaniel Teeth Problems


Not all people who have decided to get a dog know that their baby teeth interchange into permanent teeth, like people’s ones. The teeth are very important for any dog. During growth, they give a lot of discomfort to the pet and require careful attention. For show dogs, it is also important to have a full set of teeth and a correct bite.

So, owners should always pay plenty of attention and give more care to their pet’s teeth. This article will show the main teeth problems cocker spaniels have and will help to avoid them.

Teeth Brushing

A serious problem is the loss and damage of teeth. Therefore, the owner needs to pay constant attention and care for his pet’s teeth. To clean teeth and prevent tartar formation specialists recommend chewing toys for teeth cleaning, rye crackers, and raw vegetables. Timely we need to remove the yellowish plaque accumulation on the teeth.

A dental cleaning is recommended to remove and prevent the formation of plaque accumulation, and you need to teach your dog to tooth brushing.

You should use a toothbrush or bandage wound around the index finger, using tooth powder, a mixture consisting of equal parts of baking soda and salt, and special toothpaste for dogs. It is necessary to brush not only the teeth but also the gums.

Warning! Dogs that had been ill with some infectious disorders need special care in teeth brushing.

Sometimes some antibiotics and vaccines make teeth affected when vaccination was done during the period of teeth changing. In some cases, your dog may need dental care, but you will have to implement constant care of the pet’s teeth yourself. Due to proper care teeth can last the dog’s entire life.

Teeth Changing

In the period from 3 to 7 months, a puppy starts losing baby teeth. Starting to grow, molars cause swelling of the gums and it irritates the puppy. To mask the discomfort it begins to chew shoes, furniture, and everything he can get. In this period, if you want a puppy that will not damage anything at home, you need to give him toys.

As soon as a puppy has started to chew everything – teething is started. During this period, it requires careful attention. The baby’s teeth begin to become loose and fall out and in their place, molars begin to grow. Teething always begins with the incisors. They change within 3-6 months of a puppy’s life. At the age of 7-8 months, the puppy should have a full set of adult teeth.

Recommendation: a full set of adult teeth is 42 teeth. At the age of 3-4 months it is recommended to show the puppy to a veterinarian to make sure it has no problems with bite.

Tooth Cleaning and Monitoring

For the prevention of diseases in the dental system, you should regularly add to the dog’s food vitamins and minerals. It is important to develop its habit of eating food full of vitamins and mineral products. Its diet should contain calcium-containing foods (cheese, milk), fresh tomatoes, and raw bones.

Tartar is the cause of the irritation and inflammation of the gums and has a devastating effect on tooth enamel. This can lead to complete tooth loss.

Advice: to prevent the formation of Tartar and to get rid of yellow plaque you should regularly brush your dog’s teeth with a tooth paste.


Take a small wooden stick, one end of which is wrapped with cotton wool dipped in toothpaste or sprinkled with a special powder which is made from crushed chalk, baking soda and citric acid.
Teeth are the most important parts of the body of any dog, so you should be attentive and regularly monitor the dog’s health. If you do this, your dog will be playful and merry and you can avoid a lot of problems.

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