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Yorkshire terrier poodle cross for sale


Yorkie Poo, a.k.a. Yoodle, Yourkapoo or Yourkerpoo is a crossbreed of Yorkshire Terrier and Toy/Miniature Poodle. It is a relatively young breed, which has been popular for about a decade, so most of it’s representatives are first generation mixes.

The Yorkie Poo crossbreed was designed as a companion for allergy sufferers with little pronness to diseases and with no genetic health problems which were deeply inbred in pure breeds.

Yorkshire terrier x toy poodle

This small dog is 7 to 10 inches in height with a weight of 5 to 12 pounds and a lifespan of 12 to 15 years. The silky and soft coat of this dog may have several colors, including apricot, red and white, black, black and tan. Yorki Poo is a low-shedder and hypoallergenic dog.


It is a very gentle, affectionate and playful crossbreed with lots of energy, which makes it a great companion dog. While being very active and funny, Yorkie Poo is well siuted to live in apartment, that way he fits families living in big cities, which isn’t an option for many other interesting dogs like, say, Huskies.

Thanks to Yourkshire Terrier and Poodle both being keen hunters, Yorki Poo has a high intellect and a considerable amount of independence in it’s mentality. Given this fact, such dog should be provided with proper mental stimulation(toys, exercises) and socialisation. If you provide your doggy with such things from the early age, he will be very pleasant, funny, and social guy with incredible lust for life. If you do not, this dog will grow into mischevious, destructive and annoying creature with incredible lust for barking.

Yorkshire terrier miniature poodle mix
Tip: jokes aside, Yorki Poo tend to bark a lot even if they hear just a hint of a sound behind the door. Even if you can get used to it (which is unlikely, generally speaking), your neighbours will still be tremendously annoyed, so consider proper training of your dog a prime obligation. Then, in the end, you will get an amusing tricky clown doggy by your side with no drawbacks.


Speaking of training, since Yourki Poo is highly intelligent, you will have little to no problems training it even for dog sports. Just keep in mind that the positive reinforcement is slightly more effective here, than negative one. Keep it consistent and dont make the trainings too repetitive and boring or your dog will unleash his full stubbornness.


Even though Yorki Poo has strong health thanks to crossbreeding, it still has several vunerabilities of teeth and digestion system, that’s why you should provide your dog with high-nutrient dry kibble in order to avoid such problems as well as ensure his healthy growth.

Small dogs have somewhat faster metabolism, so they need high-nutrient food, and high quality dry kibble is an convenient solution for this, which saves you a lot of time trying to figure out proper nutrient requirements and feeding adjustments.

Not recommended: to leave your Yorki Poo with small children, because these dogs can get easy trauma from harsh treatment. Such dogs can fracture leggs if dropped on hard surfaces. Also, dont leave your dog playing with children without supervision at all.

Yorki Poo requires daily brushing and monthly bathing to maintain his skin healthy and coat clean with no mats or tangles.

Physical exercices are required to discharge this dog’s energy, so regular walks in the neighbourhood will not only provide him with required physical activity, but also mental stimulation and socialisation (he will get enough attention even if he just stays nearby when you talk to someone you meet during walk).

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