Dachshund Dalmatian Mix – Common Information

Dalmatian Dachshund mix puppies for sale

Dachshund and Dalmatian mix (also called Dachsation, Dalmachshund) is a recent crossbreed that has been firstly originated in the USA.

How Does a Dachsation Look Like?

Dachsations can be small as their Dachshund parents (especially, if there is miniature or rabbit Dachshund) or become rather medium-sized dogs as standard or even bigger. Adult Dachsation may have oblong, slim and cobby body, as well as inherit more massive Dalmatian body.

Dalmatian Dachshund mix breeders

The average height of a Dachsation is between 25.4 and 39 cm. The approximate weight of a Dachsation is from 6 to 19 kg (this parameter, as well as the height at the shoulder, are the least predictable parameters). Average life expectancy of a Dachsation is 12-15 years (both Dachshund and Dalmatian are considered to be long-livers).

Depending on the inherited traits of their parents, Dachsations can get Dachshund-like fur texture (if the Dachshund parent has long hairs, a crossbreed can get the hair of medium length) or be more Dalmatian-like. The most popular Dachsation fur color is of Dalmatian-pattern (black spots on the white background). A Dachsation is likely to get dense, fine and short hair.

An average Dachsation will have slim/more massive oblong body on short and thick legs. The muzzle is sharp with elongate nose, medium-sized eyes and long floppy ears. The tail is rather long and thin, with a sharp tip.

Dachshund Dalmatian
Advice: still, it is very difficult to predict the future size of your Dachsation puppy, you may pay attention to the size of its head and paws: the bigger these body parts are, the more likely to get medium-sized dog in the future.

Temperament and Behavior

Dachsation are loyal and affectionate dogs who always want to be near their master, no matter where you go (a Dachsation will follow you anywhere you go and always demand a good portion of attention and love). However, some Dachshunds and Dalmatians may be aggressive, alert and rather independent. So, these traits may be inherited by a Dachsation as well.

Warning! If you have noticed, that your Dachsation tends to show aggressiveness towards other dogs, cats, strangers, kids (or it is too independent) – you’d better to train your dog with the help of a skillful dog trainer to eliminate this unpleasant behavior.

It is not a surprise, that Dachsation (like other small breeds) are perfect watchdogs who will guard you 24 hours a day. A Dachsation will immediately bark at any sign of a stranger that sometimes seems to be annoying.

Recommendation: if your Dachsation is afraid of passing cars, lightning or shows excessive guarding traits that disturb you, you can always train your dog to eliminate this undesirable behavior



Since Dachsations are extremely active and playful they will need long regular walks to release their energy. They don’t need some special physical exercises, however, you may engage your dog in agility, Frisbee play or ballgames that will be definitely a plus. Dachsation is better to undergo general training course.

Be careful! Do not overload your Dachsation since the dog may have problems with its oblong Duchshund-like back.

A Dachsation should definitely know such basic commands as “Come!”, “Stop!”, “Sit!”, etc. It is advisable to teach a dog these commands since the very puppyhood.

In general, Dachsation is a well-mannered, playful and affectionate companion best suited for active singles and couples without children.

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