How to Make Bows for Shih Tzu: Useful Advices and Tips

Shih Tzu bows

How to Make Bows for Shih Tzu

Shih Tzu is a breed that is famous for its long and beautiful hair. Therefore, when combing these dogs their hair usually rises in the form of a tail. So it is better to fix in a position by elastic band or hairpins.

Today bows for dogs are various on sale: there are all kinds of different colors, textures, patterns and sizes. You can choose the bows for different occasions, for private trips, the publication or the participation in shows, as well as pick up a bow; blending in with a certain four-footed woman of fashion dress. Sometimes it happens that it is not possible to choose your pet a beautiful bow.

Shih Tzu dog bows

However, you can always make your own little bows, having at hand the usual tools. Here you can find some useful advices and “recipes” how to make bows by your own for your favorite puppies.

The bow #1:
To make the bow, we need:

1) Two satin ribbons;

Shih Tzu dog bows

2) A needle and thread;

3) Lighter or matches;


5) Gelatin;

6) Rhinestones to your taste;

7) Two thin and thick two handles.

Step 1. Cut ribbons for nine and eight centimeters (Depending on the size of a bow can be arbitrary).

Step 2. Tan ribbon on both sides so that they are not fringe.

Step 3. Stitch both ends of the ribbons on the back side.

Step 4.
Decorate the bow by rhinestones as you like. Insert the bows round objects, thereby preparing a bow to the treatment of gelatin.

Step 5.
Dissolve gelatin in hot water to swell. Get bow to a deep cover of the water. Then leave it to dry (ususally for 2 days).

The bow #2:
What you need:

  • The tape;
  • Pencil glue;
  • Needle and thread;
  • Lighter;
  • Scissors;
  • Rhinestones;
  • Beads;
  • PVA glue;
  • Glue gel (colorless);
  • Pens, pencils.

Step 1. Cut two strips of tape (length depends on the bow) the first one – 7cm, second – 6 cm singeing the tips by the lighter (so that the fabric is not drizzled).

Step 2. Smear by glue the backsides on the edge of the both ribbons.

Step 3. Fold the second side of the bow to the first one.

Step 4. Make the same with the second ribbon.

Step 5. Then put them on each other (bigger strip should be at the bottom)

Step 6. Take the thread with a needle and stick a needle on the right side of the upper bow at the top, strictly in the middle, piercing all the layers 2 ribbons.

Step 7. In the lower tier of the bow push the pencils and stretch the thread, fixing it from the inside in the middle of a bow. At this stage, you can sew to the bow an elastic band because at the end of the finished bow is already quite difficult to sew it.

Step 8. Take some PVA glue and daubed bow this mixture on all sides with a brush, and send it to lie down and dry.

At the end of the day, it is better to cut the rubber band as the contraction can make a pain for dog pulling out its hair.

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