Beagle Collie Mix: Appearance and Size, Lifespan and Health Issues


The Border Beagle (originated in the USA) is a new breed that has been created by means of crossing Beagle and Border Collie. The Border Beagle has immediately gained a wide popularity among dog lovers due to its loving, enthusiastic, intelligent and playful nature.

Appearance and Size

Border Beagles are known to be medium-sized dogs with stout body and sturdy legs. Besides, Border Beagle has large, dark, round eyes, long muzzle and floppy ears. The approximate weight of a dog is 20 pounds for a female and 40 pounds for a male. The size of a breed is small to medium.


Border Beagles may have various coats that depend on the defined parents: from harsh and rough hair to shiny, soft and short. What concerns Border Beagle’s coat color and pattern, it usually comes with a combination of black and white. Sometimes there are puppies, whose color is a mixture with brown, tan, red-brown and golden colors.

Border Beagles shed less and, another important characteristic, it is a hypoallergenic breed.

Lifespan and Health Issues

An average lifespan of the Border Beagle is from 12 to 15 years (the smaller is the dog, the longer it will live). Among the most frequent health issues are eye and skin allergies and hip dysplasia. But, on the whole, the Border Beagle is a breed with sound health and strong immune system.

Be careful! Take care of your Border Beagle and provide it with healthy diet and enough training. Do not neglect well-timed vet examinations, annual immunization, protection against ticks and tapeworms.


The Border Beagle’s temperament is extremely lively and playful. The dog is very energetic and want to spend all the time with its owner. This dog is affectionate towards its family members.

Besides, the Border Beagle is a perfect guard for you, your kids and other pets. The Border Beagle needs a company, that is why they are very fond of playing with other dogs, but might as well be shy or timid, especially with male dogs.

The Border Beagle is a wonderful watchdog that would constantly protect your house against intruders. The dog is friendly and social. It always treats strangers in a friendly manner, but with some share of alertness.

Warning! You should bear in mind, that, once you have adopted a Border Beagle, this dog is not likely to go through adoption by a new owner in the future, since these dogs are closely knit to their current master.

Behavior and Trainning

Another important information is that the Border Beagle is a perfect dog for families with small children, singles, who want to find a companion, active older people.

Advice: an owner of Border Beagle should engage a dog in some kind of sport (agility, etc.), or make morning jog together. If you don’t give an opportunity to release its energy, the dog can start to spoil your belongings.

What concerns Border Beagle’s behavior and training, one should remember, that this breed is very active and energetic, thus, in order to get a nice pet, you have to give your dog necessary environment to be active. Border Beagles is the very dog that should be trained.

Recommendation: it is advisable the owner learns training obedience to his dog under the supervision of a specialist.

Border Beagle is a manageable dog, but it can inherit stubbornness from its Beagle parent. A dog has unpleasant sniff habits. Also, your puppy might inherit herding drive (chasing animals, cars and other moving objects), so it is very necessary to teach your dog how to behave with pets and humans.


Border Beagle is a devoted and affectionate family dog, that will always protect you and your kids. A dog is friendly and cheerful, though it needs some special behavioral training. Choose the Border Beagle to make your life active and positive than ever.

10 Photos of the Beagle Collie Mix: Appearance and Size, Lifespan and Health Issues

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2 years ago

My name is Jessa and I have a border beagle named Talie. She is everything you mentioned in this post.
Thanks for the info.

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