Interesting Facts about Beagles: General Information and History

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Beagles are very friendly animals. These hounds are of medium height and they have a good scent which allows them to participate in hunting. First of all, people use these dogs for hunting after hares and rabbits. They also serve as working dogs in the customs and help to seek for exploding substances there.

However, beagles are not only working dogs or hounds; they can be a good friend for you and the members of your family. They can perfectly get along with adults and with children as well. That is why these dogs are strongly recommended for the families with small children.

General Information

  • The country of beagles’ origin is England.
  • Their height varies from about thirty-three to forty centimetres.
  • The average weight of a dog is between eight and fourteen kilograms.
  • These dogs can live not only in a cottage but in an apartment as well without any serious difficulties.
  • Beagle’s life expectancy is about twelve of fifteen years.
  • Even inexperienced owners can take this dog because it is not so difficult to train it.

History of Beagles

As Wikipedia says, there are several variants of the origins of this breed. But the most possible one concerns Ancient Greece where hounds existed as dogs that helped people to hunt after animals.

Later Romans took these dogs to the British Isles where they began to interbreed with native dogs. In that way the breed of beagles started spreading all over the world.

The official process of breeding beagles started in the middle of the eighteenth century. Then they were bred from a north type of beagle and a south hound. Since that time we have had a possibility to take a beagle at our home.


There are some characteristics that are common for every beagle. For example, they are very active and always positive.

Warning! These dogs are determined and independent, that is why you need to train them in order to make them behave properly.

A beagle is a smart and devoted companion that can be your friend for a long time. This dog really likes going for long walks with the owner, running and hunting after a small prey.

These dogs are very enduring; they are not choosy in food or sleeping place. Beagles do not need a lot of care and they have an excellent health.

Fun Tips for the Owner

Representatives of this breed like playing and having fun with other dogs, although they can do harm other animals (for example, cats or hamsters) as these small pets can be considered as preys by beagles.

If you leave a beagle alone for a long time, it would become nervous and destructive. So, if you have to go for a prolonged period of time very often, think over taking another dog to keep company with your beagle.

Attention! Beagles have a strong hunting instinct and that is why they always tend to dig the ground. It might be a problem for the owners of cottages or the houses in the countryside.

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