Best Food for Jack Russell Terrier: Homemade Food and Dog Food from Stores

Jack russell terrier eating dirt


Creating a perfect diet for your Jack Russell Terrier can become a serious contest because not all products can be suitable for the dog. In addition, the problem is that this breed can be rather finicky and may not like some food.

Sometimes it may take several weeks until your pet realizes that he/she wants something different. The point is that usually the pet asks for the food which will be harmful for his/her stomach and here comes the question: what food should be chosen for Jack Russell Terrier?

Jack russell terrier eating chocolate


Of course, the first thing which you should pay your attention to is regular dog food which is sold in packs in the store. Just make sure that the pack is created exactly for Jack Russell Terriers.

If the company creates the food for a specific breed, that means that it takes into account all distinctive features of this breed. Here, for example, the food should be full of special nutrients which cover pet’s energy losses.

Jack Russell Terriers are very energetic dogs, so specific ingredients are needed. There is a wide range of different products in the market, which are designed for puppies or grown up dogs. One of the most popular brands is “Royal Canin”, but you can always choose any other.

How much food should jack russell terrier eat

As far as Jack Russell Terriers are very energetic dogs and like moving a lot, their meal has to be complete. It will be also a good idea to mix dry and wet food and make two complete meals.

Advice: do not feed your Jack Russell Terrier with cow’s milk unless it is mixed with water.

Homemade Food

There are several rules which you should take into account while choosing your pet’s diet. Remember, that your dog shouldn’t eat ocean fish. All needed proteins your Jack Russell Terrier can get from the meat. Here chicken, turkey, beef or pork will be perfect. Just make sure that he/she doesn’t eat chicken bones because they are too small and may injure your pet’s stomach.

Also, different vegetables and fruits in small quantities will be good for a digestive system of your friend. You can give a slice of apple; a piece of banana, carrot or pumpkin (just cut and cook them with rice).

Remember! You must never give the core of apple, seeds, corn or wheat to your Jack Russell Terrier.

The same thing is about sweets and chocolate.


Attention! Never feed your dog with a table food because it can lead to different stomach and blood diseases.

As far as Jack Russell Terriers are hunters you may see your dog chasing a mouse and sometimes eating it after. This type of food is not recommended for your pet because this type of meat can be infected and the dog may get ill. As soon as you notice your dog eating outside rodents, visit your vet because vaccinations might be needed.

Sometimes the owners of dogs can notice their pets eating the grass. Just pay attention, how often your dog does it. Jack Russell Terriers may eat the grass because they have lack of some nutrients in the body.


Whatever you decide to give to your Jack Russell Terrier, pay attention to the way your pet goes to the toilet, whether he/she is scratching or itching, are there any skin irritations or not, etc. Dogs are individuals and may have allergies to different types of food or their ingredients. If you are not sure, which product your pet can’t eat, ask your vet for an advice.

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