Labrador Retriever Pregnancy: Symptoms and Signs, Care and Food


Labrador Retrievers are among the most popular dogs, so you can benefit from breeding your Labrador. But even if you do not consider any profit gain from this and just want to share puppies of this magnificent breed, you have to implement some special care for your dog and puppies to be alive and healthy.


Youd need to ensure your Lab is healthy and is not prone to special diseases like hip dysplasia, which may result in adult dog’s joints degrading and partial paralysis. Labs may also be prone to retinal dysplasia, which may cause blindness even at puppy age.

Vunerability to these diseases is genetical, and symptoms are very hard for the diagnosing, when it happens, so you’d better have your dog examined by veterenarian for these things in order to decide if you really want to breed your dog.

You should vaccine your dog against parasites, because they can infect puppies during pregnancy.

Keep in mind! It is prohibited to make vaccination on already pregnant dogs for this may cause abortion.


You can tell if your dog is pregnant by several signs. She feels lethargic and wishes to go home from a walk earlier. She looses appetite and may avoid food completely due to feeling sick. This happens because of hormonal imbalance and the dog starts eating food once her body adapts to hormonal changes.

So make sure your dog has access to food supply because she in fact needs to provide a lot of nutrients to puppies.


During this period the dog requires special and qualitative nutrition. This means you have to change the dog’s diet to ensure the proper supply of proteins, fats, carbs, minerals and vitamins for the dog and the puppies. The diet should consist of 17% fats and 29% proteins. The commercial dog food for puppies is a good choice for this stage aswell.

You can also add some milk, meat and vegetables to the diet. The proper, healthy diet not only provides the growth but also strengthens the immune system of puppes.

Stay False

Taking your pregnant dog for a walk is very essential, especially for such an active breed as Labrador Retriever. The APOP reccomends a 3 miles a daily walk for an average Labrador in order to prevent obesity. Otherwise obesity can cause significant problems during the delivery.

You need to watch if your dog is tired from the walk (heavy breathing, wanting to seat and stay in one place) because it would be false to force your pregnant dog walking until exhausted.

How Do I Know it’s Time?

Well, you see, the length of the dog’s pregnancy is 63 days. You may watch for the calendar, however, it is also recommended to keep track on the dog’s temperature. During the pregnancy period your dog is going to have from 101 to 102 degrees Farenheit.

When you notice the temperature drops for several degrees, then expect the delivery in the next 24 hours.

Attention! Be sure to prepare a whelp box with papers and towels inside.

By following this guide you can make it easier to secure the safety of your Lab and the newborn puppies.

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