Best Food for Labrador Retrievers: A Daily Diet and Regularity


Feeding dog depends on its age. What puppy eats differs from what adult dog eats. Therefore, many companies produce certain types of pet food for adult dogs and puppies. These types of dog food contain enough nutrients for proper development of bones and muscles of the dog, as well as for strengthening the immune system.

Therefore, an important criterion for dog food is a nutrient for the comprehensive development of your pet. Here are some of the best kinds of food for dogs.

Daily Diet

First, you should decide how many times you are going to feed the Labrador. Veterinarians recommend feeding twice a day. The daily diet must include protein, fat, carbohydrates, minerals and vitamins. The most useful and valuable product is beef. Meat is rich with proteins, iron and other minerals.

However, if we talk about how much to feed a puppy Labrador per day, depending on age, the number of feedings may range from six to four times a day.

Home Food

The homemade food is considered as the best and safe food for dogs. It is safe, natural, and convenient if your dog has an allergy to something.

Raw or cooked meat is one of the most high-quality foods for your Labrador. You can cook chicken, lamb or pork, and mix it with rice. This food is very useful and satisfying. If your dog like it, you can try to give her raw meat instead of boiled. Besides pork, lamb or chicken, you can try turkey or even fish.

Eggs are also a favorite food of dogs. However, make sure that they do not cause allergies in your dog.

You will also need to provide the dog with a vegetable diet. Broccoli, carrots, celery, asparagus, cabbage and lettuce can make up the best food for Labrador, and for all other dogs too. They are nutritious and help to maintain your dog’s health.

Warning! Avoid food containing soybean, corn or wheat as it is common dog allergens. They also may cause health problems (teeth and pancreatitis).

Dog Food from Stores

If you are going to feed the dog food from the store, you should always buy the best brands of food. You have to choose the food that contains chicken or lamb as a main ingredient. If the food consists of only a meat, avoid it.

Some of the types of food also contains corn and bran. This is not the best food especially for allergics, as corn in the feed can cause itching, and in some cases even an ear infection.

Important! food with corn should be avoided.

Just make sure that all the necessary ingredients it contains, and your dog is not allergic to them.

Dishes to Feed

During the preparation for the arrival of a puppy, think in advance of what dishes will have your retriever. The most convenient effective one is tableware made of stainless steel. Plastic bowls are more popular but very short-lived.

Attention! To train your dog to stretch up the bowl while eating which is fixed on a tripod, depending on the growth of the animal at the level of the elbows or slightly higher. Because of this, your pet will develop the correct posture.


Now you know what the best food for Labrador Retrievers is. Food prepared at home will always be the best, but you can also use the food from stores.

Along with a healthy diet and frequent exercise, your dog will always remain healthy, whether it be a puppy or an older dog. With meticulous care and diet, your four-legged friend will always stay healthy.

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