Collie Labrador Retriever mix: Appearance and Size, Temperament and Health Care

Border collie labrador retriever mix info


The Borador is a medium to large sized dog that results from a Border collie and Labrador retriever crossbreeding. This breed was firstly originated in the USA and at once has become very popular as a perfect pet show dog and also as a loyal companion for a man.

The aim of this article is to give the general info about the Borador in respect of its exterior, temperament, character and possible health issues.

Black border collie labrador retriever mix

Appearance and Size

The Borador is a medium to large sized dog with average weight of 34 to 88 pounds, and its height up to 17 inches at the shoulder and about 29 inches long. The Borador’s life expectancy is between 12 – 15 years.

The Borador breed has a solid build like Labrador’s, but this dog is more athletic like its Collie parent. The breed has medium length legs and a long tail. A dog has a massive head and wide muzzle, its ears are floppy and pendant of triangle shape. It has big brown eyes and big black nose.

Shed Coat

As a rule, the Borador inherits its Labrador parent’s coat length and color, since its pattern is likely to be as Border collie’s. At that, the most frequent coat is of black color with white strips on the head, paws and chest. What concerns its coat length, it can be short and medium and depends on Border collie parent.

Border collie labrador retriever mix for sale

If the Borador has medium fur, it is likely to shed moderately, however, Boradors with Retriever’s coat type shed much less.

Be careful! If a dog owner or one of his family members is prone to allergic reactions, it is better to choose a Borador with Retriever’s coat type.


The Borador is put in the breed groups of sporting and working, with talents in guiding, herding, watching, companionship, retrieving and guarding. The Borador is a friendly and devoted dog with playful, lively and curious nature. It is amicable to other pets and family members and never shows any aggression toward them.

The dog is extremely social and never hesitate in a company of other dogs or strangers. The Borador is a perfect dog for active people and for families with small children, since this dog could be a careful and attentive friend.

Training and Exercises

The Borador is an active dog that needs spacious environment to release its activity.

Recommendation: the Borador needs no less than 2 long walks a day. It will be a perfect companion for morning jogging.

This breed doesn’t need to undergo some special training courses, but it would be appropriate to engage your dog in some basic group trainings under the supervision of a dog expert.

Advice: as a rule, dogs are ready to undergo training courses at the age of 1 year. Before this period, you should teach your dog some basic commands like “sit!”, “come!”, “don’t do that!”, etc.

During your routine walks you should let your Borador play with other dogs, swim, fetch a tennis ball or play Frisbee.

Possible Health Concerns

Generally, the Borador is a healthy dog with strong immune system, however, it is prone to various allergic reactions and excess weight.

Warning! Since Labrador retriever is prone to obesity, you should fed your Borador with special dry food for dogs that are prone to excess weight. If you prefer to feed your dog with fresh and natural food, keep in mind strict food proportions and don’t overfeed your Borador.

Among other possible health issues are:

  • hip and elbow dysplasia;
  • ear infections;
  • eye problems;
  • bloat.


The Borador is a perfect dog for families with children, as well as for active singles and older people. Its great devotion to a man in mixture with a cheerful character wouldn’t underwhelm you. But, as any other dog, the Borador needs careful attention and great responsibility from its owner.

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