How 5 Month Old Huskies Look Like: Feeding, Potty Training and House Training

Huskies are very beautiful dogs and after 5 months old age it is a very important period in their life.

This age has some distinctive aspects and things you should pay your attention to. And there is no matter whether you have just got a puppy in the house or you have it from its birth.

How 5 Month Old Huskies Look Like?

Huskies’ size and weight at this age may be different but usually their weight is about twenty eight pounds. Though it seems they are already adult dogs, they are still in a growing stage. Siberians’ ears and snout are fully developed but the rest of the body is still growing.

5 month old huskies are even more active than earlier and like to play a lot, so, you will need to provide them with the place and conditions for it. Furthermore, this age may include some shedding, so do not get scared. During this period of time husky may start changing its fur into a new one – adult coat. This is a natural thing and do not try to avoid it.

Changing Food

As far as this is a very important period of huskies’ life, you need to make sure that your favorite pet gets all needed vitamins and minerals while eating and their growth goes in a normal way. When your husky gets 5 month old, you can start changing its feeding servings into adult ones. Puppies are usually fed at least three-four times a day. You can reduce the number of feedings to three and later to two (in the morning and in the evening).

The whole course of food changing takes approximately seven-eight days. Slowly replace old food with a new one. You can begin with eighty-to-twenty proportion and by the eighth day the whole food will be replaced.

Potty Training Problems

Some dogs’ owners believe that if a dog is 5 months old, it should be potty trained for sure. But this is not necessarily and there can be different reasons of why husky is peeing inside of the house:

  • Newly adopted dog. When you just brought husky to your house, it may start soiling inside as everything is new for it. Don’t get upset or angry: right training and time will help you to solve the problem.
  • The outdoor dog. The problem may appear when you take the dog from the outside as peeing everywhere used to be a regular thing.
  • Badly trained puppy. When husky does a “bad thing” in the house and the owner gets angry, the dog doesn’t make any connection between action and consequences. In this case it starts leaving hidden “traps”.
  • Using a puppy training pad. When you are letting your husky peeing on the pad, you are letting the dog doing it inside of the house. And no matter whether it is a pad or a carpet.
Notice! A healthy Siberian husky can be potty trained any time, no matter what age it is.

Having five month old husky may be accompanied by some difficulties because of its extra activity, but this pet always brings a lot of pleasure.

8 Photos of the How 5 Month Old Huskies Look Like: Feeding, Potty Training and House Training

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