How Much does a German Shepherd Cost: Average Cost and Where Can I Buy

It is well-known for everyone that a German shepherd is a very proud and friendly animal. Moreover, it is an all-purpose breed because you can start keeping this dog as your companion, friend or just the guard of your house.

It can watch over your property, seek for mines, and be a guide for a blind person. In fact, these dogs perform a large amount of different functions. That is why the future owner should know exactly why he or she needs the dog.

It is necessary to approach the problem of choosing a pet very seriously. For example, you can make a list with the qualities you would like to see in your pet.

Where Can I Buy a German Shepherd?

If you are just a beginner at breeding of German shepherds, you should address some specialists who raise them on a professional level and who can advise you something.

Every year there are a lot of dog shows, you can go there and look closely at the owners and choose the best one. You can judge the level of the owner by the following criteria:

  • the date of the registration of an owner at a dog society;
  • the number of sets of puppies for the whole time of breeding;
  • the amount of pedigree female dogs.

Male or Female Dog?

There are plenty of differences between male and female dogs.

If you want to have an imposing dog that would make a powerful impression on people, it would be more profitable for you to choose a male dog. It is more masculine, stronger and bigger than a female dog. Besides that, male dogs have more impressive skeleton and head. They tend to be more useful in guarding.

Among the peculiarities of female dogs it is worth to mention their energy, lively feelings and excitability. However, they are more attached to the owner and they can be schooled more easily. Female dogs shed hair more often than male and it can be a real difficulty if you want to participate in dog shows.

Average Cost of a German Shepherd

The average cost of this breed of dogs differs significantly because it depends on the class of the dog you want to buy:

  • The cheapest dogs can be found at the second-hand market. There they cost less than one hundred and twenty dollars.
  • “Pet class” is slightly more expensive. You can buy these dogs for about two hundred dollars. However, they are born only for being a home pet and cannot participate in dog shows.
  • “Breed class” includes pedigree dogs. The price varies from four hundred dollars to even a thousand dollars.
  • “Show class” is the most expensive. They cost from a thousand dollars upwards. But they are certainly more valuable and you can take part with them in dog shows.

Choose the best dog, buy it according to your needs or interests and be happy with your pet!

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