4 Month Old German Shepherd: Weight, Size and Food Diet

4 Months of Age

Before your German shepherd puppy has reached 4 months of age, you should have already nailed down such things like it’s diet, probably your dog should already live separated from it’s mother, and certainly you should have became it’s best friend.

If that completely describes your situation, then you are standing on a good path. Remember, that your pup is your best friend, and treat him like one! German shepherds are very loyal, and their future behavior depends on how much you care for them!

Weight, Size and Food Diet

Depending on many predictable (and unpredictable) conditions, the weight of your puppy may or may not be different from other dogs. But for 4 months old male German shepherds, the average weight is 25 kg (35 lbs) and the height is 49 cm (19 inches). For female dogs it’s 23 kg (34 lbs), the height is pretty much the same.

From this point of time, the dogs will be gaining weight slower over time, meaning that you won’t have to feed them as much. Although as it happens very gradually, it’s best to keep feeding them the same and be patient. Pay attention how much your pet eats!

Problems with Ears

Some German shepherd owners are having problems with their ears “flopping around”. It isn’t that much of a problem if it happens at 4 months age, as they can change every couple of months before finally standing up.

So it’s best to just wait. Often it’s caused by genetics. If the ears won’t stand up when puppy turns one year – it’s best to visit the vet clinic.


Puppies in this age might want to bite everything around them, including you. That is because they want to learn the surroundings, or perhaps are learning how to bite. Nonetheless, you shouldn’t panic, as this is easily fixed, and is quite often.

It might take time, but German shepherds are very smart – they will catch on this very fast. To prevent your pet from biting you, be patient and pay attention. When the dog wants to bite you – give it a toy. If you don’t succeed – redirect the dog on to the earlier said toy. Try to prevent as many bites as possible in this manner, and the dog will learn fast.


For German shepherds 2-4 months is a good time to start training. There are many techniques of training, and most of them will work on German shepherds. These dogs are clever and, if treated well, will love you.

They will try their best to serve you. But here are a couple of tips for training:

  • Be friendly to them. Talk in a friendly voice, always compliment them when they do the command correct.
  • Before training your dog, it’s good to make it a bit tired. Walk around with it, play or else, and it will obey the commands much better, as it will be concentrated on the task. This is especially good when you have just started training.

So befriend your puppy – and he will pay you the same and even more in the future. Who knows, it might even defend you! Good luck, and thank You for reading!

10 Photos of the 4 Month Old German Shepherd: Weight, Size and Food Diet

Author of 1001doggy.com Noah Sanchez
Written by Noah Sanchez
Hi, there. I graduated Bergin College of Canine Studies I loved Animal Grooming there. So it's my passion and sometimes I write articles about dogs, and also love to train dogs. I have 2 amazing friends: German Shepherds

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Anjli Thomas
Anjli Thomas
1 year ago

I have a puppy of a white german shepherd with the age of two months.

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