Female German Shepherd Name: Tips for Choosing and Top Cute Names


Getting a puppy is a very exciting thing and all the things which are connected with this process may bring a lot of fun and pleasure.

Owners of dogs are usually paying much attention to the process of choosing a name for the dog, especially if it is a name for a female dog.

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German Shepherd

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Origin: Germany
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German shepherd female owners usually give a preference to soft, sweet names because girls are generally kind and gentle and represent the role of the future mother. Furthermore, female German shepherd dogs really like playing with kids, so, most probably you wouldn’t want to give them a “sharp” name.

Of course, there are many different female names that you can choose, and of course, you can always think of your own variant. Everything depends on your fantasy.

Advice: when you are choosing a name for a dog, try to pick the one which is easy to pronounce and recall.

You should realize that when you are picking a name, this name should describe the character of your female shepherd, and should match her personality. And, of course, it is very important to identify the role of your German shepherd.

German Shepherd Female Names and Meanings

There is a huge variety of different names which have different meanings. If you are looking for something German, you can pick one of those names:

  • Adele (Noble);
  • Delta (Universal, Complete, Whole);
  • Geneva (Woman);
  • Gerda (Protected);
  • Gisela (A Pledge. Variant of Giselle);
  • Henrika (Home Ruler);
  • Ida, Idalia (Work);
  • Irma (Universal or Complete);
  • Luster (Cheerful or Care Free);
  • Lydia (Noble Kind);
  • Matilde (Powerful Fighter);
  • Millie (Strength and Determination);
  • Ricca, Rika (Powerful Protector);
  • Selma (Helmet of God);
  • Sigrid (Fair Victory);
  • Steffi (Crown);
  • Tilla, Tilly (Powerful Battler);
  • Willa, Wilma (Will, Desire, Helmet, Protection);
  • Zelda (Dark Battle).

Female English Names

Regular English options may include:

  • Daisy;
  • Hunter;
  • Jade;
  • Pearle, Pearl, Pearleen, Pearlene;
  • Raven;
  • True.

Unique Names For Girl

If you are looking for something rare, you can easily use:

  • Allegra (Italian Lively or Cheeful. Latin for Joy);
  • Belvah (Latin for Beautiful View);
  • Ella (Latin for Sweet);
  • Emma (Greek for Torch or Bright Light);
  • Hanna, Hannah (Hebrew for Grace);
  • Kona (Gaelic for World Rule);
  • Lucy (Latin for Light);
  • Meg, Megan, Meghan (Greek for Pearl);
  • Nala (African for Successful);
  • Regina (Latin for Queen);
  • Rosa, Rosalia (Latin for Rose);
  • Veronica (Greek for Bringer of Victory).

Remember that if you are planning to participate in any kind of dog show or contest, your German shepherd is to have a bright, memorable and maybe unique name because the right name can lead your dog to success.

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