Male German Shepherd Names: How to Choose and Top Popular Names


Having a new dog means having a new family member. And, of course, choosing the name for him can become a serious challenge.

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German Shepherd

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Origin: Germany
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German shepherds are very strong, active, and brave dogs, so dog owners are usually looking for names that can unite these qualities. At the same time, German shepherds are very friendly, so the additional name requirement appears.

The biggest mistake which dog owners can make is choosing a long or hard-to-be-pronounced name.

Advice: while picking up the name try to choose the one which is short and is easy to recall.

Furthermore, dogs can understand only two syllables, so there is no need in complicated names (just think how you will pronounce them while calling your dog).

Human Names

Actually, there is a wide range of different male dog names, you can even think of a human name. The only thing which may stop you is your imagination.

Many dog owners do not really like foreign names, so, if you are looking for a common name for your German shepherd boy, you may have a look through these ones:

  • Chance;
  • Walker;
  • Zack;
  • Tucker;
  • Bear;
  • Buddy;
  • Duke;
  • Toby;
  • Rocky;
  • Max;
  • Jack/Jackie;
  • Cooper;
  • Charlie;
  • Alfred.

German-Related Names

Of course, when you have a German shepherd, you want to find a special name; and it might be a good idea to find something German. Today one of the most popular German names among foreigners is Berlin. But there are many other options:

  • Aldo (old and wise);
  • Berg (German city which means mountain);
  • Bonn (German city);
  • Brantley (sword);
  • Bruno (brown);
  • Ellard (Noble and brave);
  • Helmar (protector);
  • Klaus;
  • Luther (army person);
  • Rico (strong power);
  • Rolf;
  • Rolly, Rollin, Roly;
  • Rudi;
  • Ugo (mind, heart, spirit);
  • Wulf (wolf);
  • Ziggy (victorious protector).

Famous Male Names

There are many different options, including the ones which come after famous actors or their heroes, musicians, singers, etc. like Joker, Baron, Beethoven, Gaston and many others. You can easily choose the name of your favorite hero; just make sure that it suits exactly your shepherd.

Geographic Names

Also, some people prefer giving the names of towns, cities, states, or any other places. The point is that these places bring associations with weather, environment, or some other things. That is why they can be given to a dog according to his appearance, and habits or just to bring some luck.


The easiest way to find the name for your German shepherd is to have a look at his appearance. For example, if he is white, name him Artemis; or Coal if he is black. If he has a big spot, you can name him Spot.


No matter which name you choose for your German shepherd boy, just make sure that your pet likes it and that the name suits his character and personality.

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