Dog Food for German Shepherds with Allergies: Recommendations for Choosing

Dog Food

There are many different choices when it comes to dog food. So it is very important to understand what your pet, German shepherd needs. And that is very nutritious food for it’s every-day energy needs.

But sometimes, some pets might get allergic to whatever you feed them with. And that puts a very large obstacle for the pet owner’s decision on food. This obstacle makes you go for something less efficient, which doesn’t trigger the allergy. And this is ought to make the choice for shepherd’s diet much more balanced and measured to the furthest point.

The worst case scenario is when the dog outright can’t eat the food it’s used to, like commercially sold dry/canned food. This often means a total overhaul to your pet’s diet.

Cause of Allergies

As for German shepherds, one allergy is probably caused by another. As an example, the skin itching very may be caused by incorrect food, or allergy to it, thus binding those 2 problems together.

To fix this, you have to correct the diet. As an example, let’s say you’ve bought some cheap food for your shepherd in a shop. The brand you bought is not very well marketed, nor it is recommended for it’s quality. You feed your dog with it, and notice red marks appearing on it’s skin. This is how you create one allergy by another.

And food allergy can be caused by poor-quality, or just unacceptable ingredients, that many companies use to save up on money or for any other reason. The other way of making your German shepherd allergic, is by giving incorrect food when they are at their puppy-stage. For example, giving them dry food too early, or giving them too much. Be sure to always check what you are feeding your dogs with.

What Should You Do?

Firstly, many brands just want your money and save up on own. They don’t care about you pets and what happens to them, and thus produce low-quality food, while sometimes begging a high price for the products.

The examples are:

  • Mars products;
  • Procter & Gamble products;
  • Nestle and Nestle related companies products.

Those trademarks are often seen on TV and internet commercials, by any means making you pay for their products. Not only the ingredients used there are awful, but many customer reviews of their products are just bad.

Secondly try to avoid commercially bought dog food at all, or buy only high quality products. As you may know, most dog food brands basically produce meals from the products that people leave from their part of food. A bright example are bones. Humans don’t eat them, but dogs do.

What to do then? Well, you always can feed your shepherd yourself. There’s many aid everywhere in the internet on the subject of developing a diet for your German shepherd, and feeding it manually with the products that even you would eat (meat stakes, chicken etc.). This, if done correctly, will result in an overall improvement of your dogs health.

How to Cure?

There’s no real sacrifice-free way of dealing with the food allergy. You will have to remove some product and/or ingredient from the German shepherds diet, either you want it or not. What ingredient, how important it is and else depends on the allergy and what it affects.

As an example, allergy to a commercial food ingredient – change the brand, or manually feed your dog. Overall, the way of curing is one – change something and wait.

To locate what the allergy is all about, you might take help from your vet, as they will definitely know what to do.

And remember – there are many things you have to keep in mind even when first choosing German shepherds diet. And when you change it because of an allergy – act, like you are building it up from scratch. And thank You for reading.

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Written by Noah Sanchez
Hi, there. I graduated Bergin College of Canine Studies I loved Animal Grooming there. So it's my passion and sometimes I write articles about dogs, and also love to train dogs. I have 2 amazing friends: German Shepherds

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