Names for Siberian Husky Female: Cool Names and Meanings

So you’ve got yourself a lovely blue-eyed puppy. Now she needs a name as cool and beautiful as the dog itself. With so many choices around you, it’s hard to make a decision. Let me give you some ideas, maybe you’ll see the name you’d love for your girl!

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Siberian Husky

Popularity: №21
Origin: Russia
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AKC Rules

If you plan to have a show dog it has to have an approved AKC name. There’re some simple rules about it:

  • no more than 50 characters;
  • standard English alphabet, no roman numerals;
  • only 37 dogs of each breed can have the same name.

You also might have to choose a name starting with a certain letter, check for this with your breeder.

Hunting for a Famous Name?

There are not too many names of famous huskies around. But there’s one you might have heard of – Balto. This dog saved many lives by delivering a serum package in time to the epidemic town in Alaska. Your kids might know the story from the cartoon “Balto” by Disney.

The name can be used as a female one as well. Another unisex famous name is Charlie – that was the strongest Husky of all time. It could pull a 3100-pound sled.

Cool Husky Names and Meanings

We all know that Siberian Husky is a northern dog, so here’re some ideas for female names that reflect that heritage:

  • Alaska (name another place that is as cold!);
  • Amaryllis (means sparkling, like snow);
  • Arctica (northern pole territory);
  • Bianca (Italian name that means “clear”, “pure”, “white”);
  • Crystal (Greek origin word, that means “ice”);
  • Denali (this is the other name for mount Mckinley in Alaska);
  • Eirwen (welsh for “white snow”);
  • Icy (cold, ice, makes sense);
  • January (first winter month);
  • Kara (the name of the sea in Siberian north);
  • Lena (Russian river that flows into the arctic ocean);
  • Lumi (Finnish for “snow”);
  • Orca (northern whale);
  • Saha (name of Siberian tribe);
  • Sitka (a city in Alaska);
  • Tundra (arctic regional forest name);
  • Ugra (Siberian river);
  • Winter (well, winter);
  • Yana (Siberian river);
  • Yuki (Japanese for “snow” or “lucky”).

Qualities Husky Names

Another way of choosing the name of your dog is to address the well-known qualities of this breed. The Siberian Husky is a strong, fast and enduring working dog. So you can go for the athletic names, such as:

  • Atlanta (Greek famous athletic woman);
  • Cheetah (fastest land animal);
  • Fleta (fast);
  • Haya (Hebrew for “alive”);
  • Min (Chinese for “quick”);
  • Nika, Nikki (Greek for “victory”);
  • Nikita (after the famous tv-series is associated with strong female character);
  • Velocita (Spanish for “speed”);
  • Victory (winning).

Female Names and Royalty

But not everything should have a deep meaning or a strong connection with the roots or heritage. You might want to choose a beautiful princess name for your blue-eyed girl. Here’re some suggestions for romantic female names:

  • Aurora (morning star and the name of the sleeping beauty In Disney cartoon);
  • Anna, Anu, and Annie (Hebrew for “grace”);
  • Aster and Astra (Greek for “star”);
  • Daisy (camomile);
  • Duchess (the name of the white cat on Disney “Aristocats”);
  • Eider (Spanish for “beautiful”);
  • Flora (Latin for “flower”);
  • Gretta (Greek for “pearl”);
  • Lady (for real classy dog);
  • Lily (flower);
  • Lucy (Latin for “light”);
  • Luna (Latin for “moon”);
  • Neva (Gaelic for “radiance”);
  • Oka (means “cherry blossom”);
  • Phoebe (Greek for “bright”);
  • Ren (Japanese for “water lily”);
  • Rose, Rosie (flower);
  • Roxy (Persian for “star”);
  • Sadie (Hebrew for “princess”);
  • Sakura (Japanese for “cherry blossom”);
  • Sophie (Greek for “wisdom”);
  • Stella (Latin for “star”);
  • Teva (Hebrew for “nature”);
  • Tia (Greek for “goddess”).


But maybe you’d like some of this really odd and not obvious, maybe even funny. Let’s browse through some variants:

  • Babushka (Russian for “grandma”, fun and respects the origin of breed);
  • Laika (Russian pet name, meaning “barker”);
  • Miska, Misha ( Russian name, takin origin in word “bear”);
  • Simba (Swahili for lion and famous Lion King from Disney);
  • Teeko (Strategy board game name);
  • Zumba (modern dancing workout, sounds cool).
Important! Some believe that choosing the name for a dog is the same as choosing one for the ship. If you call an animal “storm”, don’t expect it to be quiet, and don’t name a puppy “timid” if you’d like it to protect the house in future. Check the meaning of the word before naming your dog with it!

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