How Do I Potty Train a Beagle: Techniques and Useful Tips

Beagle puppy potty training techniques

Potty Training

Potty training is an essential type of training that needs to be done when the dog is at it’s puppy stages. In addition, as with every other training, it’s much simpler for the Beagle to learn something when it’s very young.

Without potty training you will find yourself working harder to maintain the cleanliness inside your house, as you will also need to clean everything after the dog.

Beagle puppy potty training tips

With everything said, potty training is not the easiest thing to do – it requires patience, time and good relations with the dog. So what are the tips on performing this important process?


There are multiple ways of training for various purposes and circumstances. First of all, you should decide which one fits your situation and needs the most.

Be prepared! For large amounts of effort and sometimes even frustration from your side.

Potty training is largely divided into 2 categories:

Beagle buddy potty
  • Outside potty training – best suited for large dogs.
  • Inside potty training – for small dogs living in a house/flat.

Though, for example, outside potty training is best for dog breeds of a large size, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you can take your chihuahua outside to train it the potty. Same goes for the other side.

Other from these divisions, you also have different techniques of the potty training. They are all mostly the same, and they have one most important thing about them.

To teach your dog the potty training, you should teach it to always go to the same place for it’s needs. And what better way is there, if not to guide the pet to this place when needed. It may be even simpler for Beagles, as their advanced smelling will guide them through.

If the dog does this correctly, it should be rewarded by any of the possible means, the best being a delicious treat. But if the dog “expresses” itself in the wrong place and you catch it on this act, stop it and walk it to the supposed location.

Warning! Don’t do anything harsh to your dog while stopping it on the act. E.g, pointing your Beagle’s nose into a yellow puddle, as it won’t change anything. Your pet won’t instantly hate that “yellow puddle”.


Alongside giving treats to your dog for correctly performing the task, there are some other good tips you may want to follow. Those are:

  • Regularity. The more regular you are – the better your dog will learn everything. And, in the same time, the more regular it’s potty needs will actually appear to be. Don’t miss any potty-times and always follow this schedule at the exact minute. You won’t be disappointed.
  • Be patient and don’t quit doing the same thing over and over again. It can be hard, but giving up on potty training won’t change anything for better. How long this learning process would take depends on the dog breed and the pet’s personality. For clever dogs, like german shepherds, it is an incredibly easy task. Beagles, being quite intelligent (but not as intelligent as the said german shepherds), understand where and when they should go potty extremely fast. It may take less than a week of work for them to do so. So, perhaps prepare a chair for you to seat on – and just wait. In the end, it just has to be done.
  • The best way to make your dog remember something is to make that activity fun to decrease the challenging part of it. Play with your dog if it succeeds etc.
  • If you have problems while training, choose another technique and try again. Do this until there are either no more techniques left (which is extremely unlikely) or you give up. In both cases, you may need to ask a vet/dog trainer for help.
Beware! Sometimes, if the dog doesn’t want to do anything (or struggles with doing it) at all – then it might have a serious decease. And beagles are no exception.

Overall, we wish you good luck and less struggles with the learning process, and thank you for reading.

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