Beagle and a Boxer Mix: Appearance and Size, Lifespan and Health Issues


Boggle (Bogle) is a new breed designed by the way of crossing Beagle and Boxer. This breed was firstly originated in the USA and has become very popular among dog lovers due to its interesting exterior and nice character.

Appearance and Size

Boggle is a clumpy dog with well-developed muscular system, strong short legs, wide big-sized head and a long tail. It is an athletic crossbreed that inherits its expressive face, drooping ears, deep chest, and a long body with well-balanced posture from its ancestors Beagle and Boxer.

An approximate weight of a Boggle is between 22-27 kilos, and 63-73 cm height at shoulders.


A coat of Boggle is rather smooth, dense and sleek. This crossbreed can be represented in various colors and patterns: from Beagle pattern (chocolate and red spots of the white background) to fawn, black, brown, tricolor, black and tan, black and white, brown and black colors and hues. Moderate shedding is another important feature. Also, this breed doesn’t need some special grooming activities.

Lifespan and Health Issues

An average lifespan of a Boggle is between 12-15 years (the smaller is a dog, the longer it will live). Among the most frequent health concerns are allergies, patellar luxation, heart problems, hip dysplasia.

Be careful! A Boggle’s owner should bear in mind, that this breed is not tolerable to cold, since its coat can be rather short.

Less frequent health issues are problems with eyes and ear canals (bacterial and fungi infections).

Warning! A state of Boggle health is not about its heredity, but is the question of a dog owner care and responsibility. It is advisable to look at dog’s healthy diet and give it necessary environment to be active. It is also crucial not to neglect well-timed vet examinations, annual immunization, protection against ticks and tapeworms.


Speaking about Boggle’s character and temperament it is worth mentioning, that this dog will always keep you amused with it playful nature. A dog is very active and need 2-3 long mobile walks or a backyard that a dog can constantly explore.

Boggle is affectionate and very devoted to its owner and family members (in principle, as any other dog is). It is not a dog for those, who are irresponsible towards training and active exercises for a dog.

Advice: to keep Boggle’s mind and body in a good state, you can consider playing fetch with your pet or getting it to participate in dog sports like a fly ball, agility, rallying, and dock jumping.

It is possible to say, that a Boggle will be a perfect guard for you and your family (due to Boxer’s traits). A Boggle will be patient with strangers if they treat a dog in a friendly manner. Tolerate to other pets in a house since they were together since very puppyhood.

A crossbreed is better for families with older children (can be aggressive if children are too annoying or curious), for singles or adults who want to find an active companion.

Recommendation: one should bear in mind, that untrained Boxer can be sometimes aggressive (so do Boggles). If you have some problems with Boggle’s behavior (aggression, hyperactivity, unpleasant hunting trails) you’d better get a professional consultation.
Interesting fact: Boggles are good jumpers, so they should be kept in properly fenced yards while outdoors to prevent them from wandering away.

One should consider the information concerning Boggle’s temperament. A Boggle needs an active and responsible owner with strong leadership qualities, otherwise, a dog will have a nasty character with frequent outburst of aggression towards other dogs and, sometimes, people.

If a Boggle is trained and have enough free space to release its energy, it will be a perfect companion to an individual of friendly and calm nature.

10 Photos of the Beagle and a Boxer Mix: Appearance and Size, Lifespan and Health Issues

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David Dyne
David Dyne
6 months ago

You are sharing great information about this breed. But I have a question that how can we identify that this is a real beagle boxer mix dog?

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