Yorkshire Terrier Eye Problems


If you want your Yorkshire terrier’s eyes be clean, sound and look merry and happy you should give them special and – the most important – daily care.

Many dog owners observe that Yorkshire terriers have the lacrimation of eyes. The reason of it can be some problems.

The first reason is that dogs’ owners do not pay attention to the hygiene.

Important! If you have bought yorkshire terrier puppy, then you should find time for taking care of it including cleaning its eyes.

Unfortunately, many owners do not observe these simple rules.

In this article we will describe eye problems which Yorkshire terriers often have and will try to find out the solution to these issues.

Why Do Yorkshire Terriers Have Eye Problems?

When you have bought these cute and merry puppies you probably do not think about some problems you can face with, and it seems that your puppy will not catch any health problems. Certainly, such way of thinking leads to the fact that owners forget about hygiene of their dogs. This is the first reason for terriers’ eye problems (and for the many other problems).

Warning! If you are one of the owners who do not pay attention to Yorkshire terriers’ health, you must do some activities immediately! The absence of hygiene leads to the sad demises. Little problems can increase to heavy diseases such as the partial or complete deprivation of eyesight.

Also one of the most wide-spread reasons is that Yorkshire terriers have hairs on the back of the nose that exasperate the mucous membrane of the eye which lead to the lacrimation. But if the lacrimation is increasing it can be the food allergy.

Others reasons for terriers’ eye problems can include:

  • constipation of lacrimals;
  • feeling of trouble and stress;
  • existence of belly-worms.
Recommendation: if you observe other symptoms then it is necessary to visit a vet specialist.

What Actions Should Be Done First?

It is necessary to navigate certain activities on eye care (hygiene) from puppyhood, when coat grows actively and randomly.

Yorkshire terriers’ owners should try to monitor and take care of the eyes of a puppy and groom ends of hair with water. If it is necessary, you can cut the staring hair with hairdressing scissors, this procedure should be carried out regularly.

Advice: also you should do up hair in a ponytail on the head of a Yorkshire terrier. That will limit the contact of eyes and long hair.

If this method does not help your puppy and it has red eyes, then pay attention to the food you feed it with. Probably the puppy has a food allergy. In this case, choose high quality foods or consult with the breeder who has sold you the puppy. Such lacrimation can be connected with ears’ disease, in this situation you should visit a vet. He or she will show you how to clean puppy’s eyes and what treatments to use.

Attention! If the lacrimation of eyes and other eye problems are not treated in time and the puppy’s health is in poor condition it leads to the obstruction of lacrimals. This disease can be resolved only by operation.

The list of actions you should do if you find out eye problems of your Yorkshire terrier:

  • get off the hair which contact with puppy’s eyes;
  • bathe eyes area with special lotion;
  • pay attention to the diet of your puppy and take away all products it is allergic to;
  • visit the vet.


Yorkshire terriers, like all breeds of dogs, need daily care. We should feel responsibility and take care of them every day. Follow the instructions we have described above and your Yorkshire terrier will have no problems and diseases.

7 Photos of the Yorkshire Terrier Eye Problems

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Medically reviewed by Awilda Rodriguez, DVM on October 27th, 2020,

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