Yorkshire Terriers’ Pregnancy

Is my yorkshire terrier pregnant
Pregnant yorkshire terrier symptomsYorkshire terrier pregnancy and birthPregnant yorkshire terrierHow long are yorkshire terriers pregnant for
Introduction The Yorkshire terrier is a breed of dogs that cannot live without care and maintenance of its owner, especially during the period of pregnancy. Pregnancy of the female Yorkshire terrier is always something […]

Cocker Spaniel Pregnancy Information

Cocker spaniel pregnancy calculator
Cocker spaniel pregnancy calculatorCocker spaniel pregnancy information7 week pregnant cocker spanielCocker spaniel pregnancy duration
Introduction Cocker spaniel’s pregnancy lasts about 9 weeks, but sometimes there is premature birth, or delivery can be delayed by about a week. But there is no reason for the owner to worry, the […]

German Shepherd Pregnancy Information: How long is a German Shepherd Pregnant, Signs, Care and Food

Introduction At some point of time, either expressly, or accidentally, German shepherd female might get pregnant. It is stated, that you should breed German shepherds only after female has reached 2 years of age, […]

Do Female Dogs Get Periods?

Female dog period
Dog periodsDo dogs get periodsDo female dogs get periodsFemale dog period
Introduction Do female dogs get periods? The answer is yes, but it is not the same as what a human woman experiences. Some people, who buy or adopt female dogs never consider this issue […]

Dachshund Pregnancy Week by Week

Care for pregnant Dachshund
Dachshund pregnancy and whelpingBest food for pregnant DachshundDachshund pregnancy week by weekDachshund pregnancy calendar
Dachshunds pregnancy will normally last somewhere about 63 -65 days, but in some cases the length of the pregnancy can be up to 70 days. In this article we are going to give you […]
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