Great Pyrenees and Husky mix: The Common and Different Traits of Pyr/Husky

Great Pyrenees and Husky mix


The great pyrenees husky mix is a medium-sized to large dog. It can have traits of either or both great Pyrenees and Siberian husky.

Basically it can vary from one dog to another, some of there traits can be pretty controversal, so you should consider what is more importaint to you  and look for that certain set of traits in  a certain dog.

Great Pyrenees Husky mix pictures

The best would be to get this cross breed from a qulified breeder with good reputation.

The Common Traits of Pyr/Husky

Now, the common traits are the traits you get from any dog of this cross breed, these are general traits possessed by great pyrenenees as well as Siberian husky.  

Both Pyrenees and husky are working dogs. That means they are athletic power dogs who can not only perfectly fit in an active lifestyle, especially hiking, but can also  do  sport/working sledging, rescuing and therapy.  

Pyrenees Husky puppies

Both are very intelligent dogs. They are good at figuring out things on their own, however, this means they can be too independent and rebellious. They are very hard at training, but the results may be impressive, if trained properly.

Not recommended: pyrenees and husky are not suitable for inexperienced dog owners, because of their stubbornness, independent thinking and cunningness which makes them uncontrollable and mischievous without proper education and training.

The owner should establish strict borders and regulations to them from the very young age. This also counts for physical borders: both breeds are very curious dogs, which means they will roam not only around your backyard, but also  go to your neighbor’s territory or even  go travelling and discovering  even dangerous  places.

Attention! A lot of these dogs were lost or killed because of their curiosity and independent thinking, and huskies are even considered masters of escaping so tricky they can even slip collars  and break tie-out chains.

That’s why it is necessary to have a high fece buried several inches below the ground and do not let this mix breed dogs to walk off the leash.

Both dogs are very friendly, sociable and affectinate, which makes the mix breed a perfect shoice for family dog. Though it’s not recommended to leave your children alone with the dog for a long time.The breed mix is also good with other dogs and require a lot of ealy socialisation and exposure to kids, dogs and new environment. In order to maintain your dog happy and sane be sure to stimulate it properly with toys and exercises aswell.

Both dogs are  large enough to be prone to hip dysplasia, and some mix breed may be especially vunerable to it.

Important! You should feed the mix with high quality nutrition designed for large dogs, dont let him overeat, exercise him regulary, otherwise the lifespan of your dog will be slightly shorter than average (10-15 years).

The mix also requires regular grooming just as the pure breeds.

Different Traits

These traits are somewhat special to one of these breeds. That means, your puppy can have either “husky breed traits” or “pyrenees breed traits”, or even both, so you never know beforehand.

Recommendation: to buy this mix breed from the good breeders only.

Pyrenees make good guards because of their watchfulness, and high perception – you ll always know of someone approaching your home if you have this dog or your mix have these traits from the pyrenees breed.

Pyrenees breed dogs were actually used for watching live stock. However, such a dog requires serious training and proper stimulation, because otherwise it may become agressive and drive away your friends and the local postman for sure.

Huskies on the other hand  are extremely friendly to anyone, so they most likely to aid the burglar, rather than drive him away. Also, since the Siberian Husky is one of the most popular breeds, a lot of unqualified breeders do not breed them properly, which results in bad temper and increased liability to diseases.

Huskies are also very destructive if left unattended, though it’s not true for Pyr.

Pyrenees can also be okay when living in apartment (moving at the country or at least outdoors is very desirable though), however this trick is not likely to work with Husky, as they require a huge space.

So for the mix you most likely should  consider  having a yard (with serious fence, remember?)

10 Photos of the Great Pyrenees and Husky mix: The Common and Different Traits of Pyr/Husky

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