Canine Rheumatoid Arthritis

Australian Shepherd
Australian Shepherd

This article originally from here but it doesn’t exist any more. Stacy Gronefeld, DVM; Holly A. Moore, DVM; Kenneth S. Latimer, DVM, PhD Class of 2006 (Gronefield) and Department of Pathology (Moore, Latimer), […]

25 famous Tiktok dogs

famous dogs from tiktok
famous dogs from tiktok

Did you know that tiktok stars can be not only people. I’ve prepared the list of popular dog tiktok accounts you can enjoy: Bunny is the Sheepadoodle and he can …. talk nikiozeri – Niki […]

American staffordshire terrier vs pitbull

Pitbull staffordshire bull terrier
American stafford pitbull terrierAmerican staffordshire terrier pitbullAmerican staffordshire terrier vs pitbull differenceAmerican staffordshire terrier vs pitbull

Introduction The American Staffordshire Terrier and Pitbull Terrier are often not distinguished, these species have considerable similarities. They were bred with a single purpose — to participate in dog fights. The first was a […]

American pitbull terrier weight

American pitbull terrier weight vest
Average Weight of American Pitbull TerrierAmerican pitbull terrier puppy weight chartAmerican pitbull terrier weight chartAmerican pitbull terrier weight

Introduction The legendary strength and incredible stamina, powerful bite and quick movements, exclusively developed intelligence, sociability and intelligence, even-tempered and affectionate nature and big smile – all of it is a pitbull or American […]

Common Health Issues in Golden Retrievers

weak golden retriever
hip dysplasia golden doggolden retriever with diseaseweak golden retriever

The Golden Retrievers is an instantly recognisable breed. Its flowing golden fur and loyal and loving disposition make for a brilliant companion. Because of their friendly nature and tolerant attitude, these dogs also make […]

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