American pitbull terrier weight

American pitbull terrier weight vest
American pitbull terrier weight chartAverage Weight of American Pitbull TerrierWeight of pitbull terriersAverage weight for american pitbull terrier

Introduction The legendary strength and incredible stamina, powerful bite and quick movements, exclusively developed intelligence, sociability and intelligence, even-tempered and affectionate nature and big smile – all of it is a pitbull or American […]

Common Health Issues in Golden Retrievers

golden retriever with disease
hip dysplasia golden doggolden retriever with diseaseweak golden retriever

The Golden Retrievers is an instantly recognisable breed. Its flowing golden fur and loyal and loving disposition make for a brilliant companion. Because of their friendly nature and tolerant attitude, these dogs also make […]

Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA1 and PRA2) in Golden Retrievers


Let’s figure out what does Golden Retriever Progressive retinal atrophy (also known as PRA) mean, how dangerous is it and how to treat it. What is Progressive retinal atrophy? Progressive Retinal Atrophy (PRA) is […]

Dog names for Yorkshire terriers

Famous yorkshire terrier names
Dog names for a yorkshire terrierCute yorkshire terrier namesNames for male yorkshire terriersGood names for a yorkshire terrier

Introduction Yorkshire terriers are active, intelligent, curious and cheerful dogs. They are ready to play and fool all day long with their beloved owner. Yorkshire terriers are quickly related to people and they are […]

Lifespan of a Yorkshire Terrier

Average life of yorkshire terrier
Life expectancy for a yorkshire terrierMiniature yorkshire terrier lifespanLife expectancy yorkshire terrierLifespan of yorkshire terrier dogs

Life Expectancy Usually, choosing pet potential owner’s eager to know how long it will live as it effects on their further life for more than one decade. This also applies to York, but their […]

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