Beagle and German Shepherd mix: Common Information and Interesting Facts

beagle German Shepherd mix for sale
Introduction Some people say that it is bad to mix two different breeds of dogs and we can only get a bad animal as a result of this mixture. Although nowadays it is very […]

Pug cross Shih Tzu: Average Size, Activity and Training

Pug Shih Tzu puppies
Animal Crossing As you may or may not know already, Shih Tzu are an artificially crossed dog breed. Scientists prove, that they came from crossing Lhasa Apso with Pekingese. This is definitely not the […]

9 Week Old Shih Tzu: Appearance and Positive Traits

My 9 week old Shih Tzu is constipated
History and Origin Breed Shih Tzu is one of the most ancient dog breeds that exist right now. Traditionally, those dogs came from China, and firstly lived in the Chinese Emperor’s house. As you […]

6 Weeks Old Shih Tzu: Advices for Taking Care of Puppies

How to train a 6 week old Shih Tzu
Introduction Shih-tzu dogs are very active, funny and devoted animals. These dogs are cute, fluffy and tiny. Also they can be perfect companions for the person who owns them. These little optimists like playing […]

Golden Retriever Shih Tzu mix: Health Problems and Prevention, Food Diet

Golden Retriever Shih Tzu mix
Shih Tzu and Golden Retriever The Golden Retriever is a popular dog breed: this friendly and loyal pet is very intelligent and clever. Being an obedient family dog, the Golden Retriever will not give […]

German Shepherd Mastiff Mix: Lifespan, Weight, Size and Other Exterior Features

Bullmastiff German Shepherd mix
Introduction and The main goal of dog breeding has always been a creation of a “perfect” dog for some specific purposes: guarding, hunting, military service or aid for physically challenged people. The aim is […]

8 Weeks Old Shih Tzu Puppy: Tips for Training and Main Commands

Shih Tzu 8 weeks old
Introduction Shih-tzu dogs are small animals that have one excellent quality: they can warn the owner about the forthcoming danger. Any suspicious noise or a small rustle can provoke an immediate reaction. But do […]

1 Year Old German Shepherd: Weight, Training and Other Facts about Age of One Year

1 year old German Shepherd for sale
Appearance and Behaviour A German shepherd is the dog that has outstanding skills for guarding. Besides, it possesses a real beauty of the hair and perfectly gets along with people and other animals. Although […]

7 Months Old German Shepherd: Size, Weight, Height, Ears and Behaviour

7 month old German Shepherd pictures
Introduction A German shepherd is an amazing breed. It combines in itself all the positive qualities of a working dog, possesses great intelligence and a perfect ability to be trained. Puppies of this breed […]

3 Week Old German Shepherd Puppies: Care, Food and Training

Introduction When German shepherds are born, they, as most other breeds of dogs, will always try to stay with their mother. She, in that time, will be feeding them. And, if nothing bad happens, […]

Names for Black German Shepherd: Top 20 Popular Names and Tips for Choosing

Introduction Getting a Black German shepherd may cause a serious question and this question is choosing the name for a dog. The problem is that the majority of dog owners are looking for names […]
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